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Mar-1997[Other]The Socio-cultural Context of the Ethical Labor Relation in Taiwan(1,011KB)23Ping-te Huang
Mar-1997[Other]Business Ethics in Traditional Culture: A Study of Chinese Ancient Books(1,009KB)49Mu-Lan Hsu, Kung-Don Ye, Chieh-Wen Sheng
Mar-1997[Other]Ethics, Signaling and the Efficiency of Competitive Insurance Markets(582KB)75Leonard F. S. Wang, Gow-nine Yuan
Mar-1997[Other]The Instability of International Joint Ventures: An Event History Analysis(820KB)99Heng-chiang Huang, Shih-ju Wang
Mar-1997[Other]A Study on the Model of Selecting the Receivers in Technology Transfer: A Case of a Research Institute(667KB)121Benjamin J.C. Yuan, Chuen-Her Kuo
Mar-1997[Human Resources]A Study of Relationships among the Labor-management Negotiation, Compensation Management and Compensation Satisfaction(1,001KB)141Ing-Chung Huang, Ter-Cheng Yu, Ching-Chuan Yeh
Mar-1997[Other](574KB)169Michael L. A. Hsu
Jun-1997[Human Resources](299KB)217
Jun-1997[Information Management](230KB)227
Jun-1997[Organization Management]Social Networks, Organizational Politics and Governance Coalitions—The Relationship between Industrial Associations and American Electricity Industry:1885-1910(1,596KB)243Chi-nien Chung, Mark Granovetter
Jun-1997[Information Management]The Advantage of Network Organizations in Silicon Valley(1,332KB)287Jar-der Luo
Jun-1997[Information Management]Market Autonomy and Performance—A network Analysis of Industrial Market Structure in Taiwan(863KB)315Kuo-hsien Su
Jun-1997[Organization Management]The Study of SMEs Proliferation—Case Studies of Non-woven Industry(1,103KB)341Wei-suei Tsai, Hao-ping Yang
Jun-1997[Other]The Impact of R&D on Patents in Taiwan(394KB)371Kuen-hung Tasi
Jun-1997[Information Management]Understanding Information Professional Code—Using Social Level Ethical Issues(1,156KB)383Meng-hsiang Hsu, Tung-ching Lin
Jun-1997[Other]A Rising Star in the Global Home Appliance Industry—Tsann Kuen Enterprise, CO., Ltd.(690KB)415Fu-yann Duh
Sep-1997[Strategic management](354KB)457
Sep-1997[Strategic management](722KB)467
Sep-1997[Strategic management]Business Ecosystems and Strategic-Alliance Dynamics: Exploring the Formation and Development of the Industrial Systems in Taiwans Information Industry(1,452KB)505Hong-jen Chiu
Sep-1997[Other]The Effects of Formation Conditions on Performance of International Joint Venture in Taiwan(603KB)537Cher-min Fong, Cher-hung Tseng
Sep-1997[Strategic management]The Rationales and Strategic Operation of ODM: An Emerging of Pattern Alliance under Horizontally Configured Industries(842KB)553Jan-shyang Chen, Ji-ren Lee
Sep-1997[Accounting]Strategic Alliance and Operational Cooperation between Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese Industries: Model Construction and Empirical Study(1,064KB)573David D. C. Tarn, Cheng-nan Chen
Sep-1997[Accounting]The Price Evaluation of Taiwan Convertible Bonds by Using Contingent Claims Analysis(972KB)603C. S. Wu, Sode Shyu, I-gin Tsai, Miao-ling Chen
Sep-1997[Economic]Effects of Regulatory Changes on Economies of Scale: The Case of Taiwan Banking Deregulation(650KB)639Dar-yeh Hwang, Chin-shyh Ou, Kung-ming Wu
Sep-1997[Economic]Long-term Relationship between Hosing Demand and Economic and Financial Developments-The Case of Taipei Metropolitan(786KB)657Antsong Lin, Sheng F. Li
Sep-1997[Information Management]A Case Study of Cooperation between Academy and Industry in Information Systems Development(853KB)677Ren-her Wu, Hsiangchu Lai, Hsin-hui Lin
Dec-1997[Information Management](394KB)719
Dec-1997[E-commerce](203KB)729Dr. Minnie Yi-Miin Yen、Wenli Wang
Dec-1997[Information Management]An Experiment on the Effect of Electronic Meeting Systems:Group size, Task Characteristic, and Anonymity(1,553KB)751Ming-Huang Chang, Tswen-Gwo Wang, Cheng-Kiang Farn
Dec-1997[Information Management]Design a System to Integrate Both Functions of User Authentication and Access Authorization in the Internet/Intranet Environment(747KB)779Jing-Jang Hwang, Kou-Chen Wu
Dec-1997[Information Management]An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting the 「End User Computing (EUC)」Performance.(1,196KB)797Min-Yu Sun, Houn-Gee Chen
Dec-1997[E-commerce]A Process Model for Accounting and Auditing Operations in the Electronic Commerce Environment(1,044KB)825Chien-Chin Yu, Chi-Chun Chou
Dec-1997[Information Management]Business Awareness and Applications of the Internet-A survey of Five Industries in Taiwan(1,013KB)851Kai Wang, Cheng-Kiang Farn, Yen-Ping Chi
Dec-1997[Marketing Management]Customer Switching Factors in Financial and Banking Industry: The Employee’s and Individual Customer’s Viewpoint(715KB)879Shao-Cheng Cheng
Dec-1997[Economic]An Investigation of Hierarchical Medical Care System: A Two-Size Model(787KB)899William W. Sheng
Dec-1997[Human Resources]The Relationship among Job Search Intensity, Realism of Information, and Socialization: The Effect of Common Method Variance(741KB)923Cheng-Chen Lin, Shao-Chi Yeh
Dec-1997[Other]Restructuring Process of Taiwan Motor Transport Company(823KB)967Lien-an Hsu, Kuang S. Yeh
Jun-1997[Financial Management]Recent Development in U.S. Bank Regulation of Financial Derivatives()1Andrew H. Chen
Jun-1997[Financial Management]Exchange Rates Uncertainty and International Asset Pricing Model()19Raymond Chiang, Tsong-yue Lai
Jun-1997[Information Management]The Impact of Industrial, Organizational, and Technological Factors on EDI Diffusion()37David Paper, Ruey-dang Chang
Jun-1997[Human Resources]The Impact of Managerial Activities of Managerial Success and Effectiveness: A Two-Country Analysis()59G. Gary Hu, Ignace Ng
Jun-1997[Human Resources]Corporate Ownership Structure and CEO Compensation()75Ying-Fen Lin, Victor Wei-Chi Liu
Jun-1997[Financial Management]Board Network Structural Change before and after Initial Public Offerings in Taiwan()93Kuang S. Yeh