Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2011[Case]Macronix International Company Limited-Manufacturing Strategic Decision Making(1,593KB)11Chen-Fu Chien, Chih-Han Hu
Mar-2011[Case]Sudden Change-The Reform of KTM Bike, an Austrian National Treasure(1,278KB)37I-Jen Chen, Pin Luarn, Fong-Man Chen
Mar-2011[Case]Business Model Change of an Information Service Provider-The Case of Prolink Solutions Corporation(1,708KB)63Shu-Chen Yang, Kai Wang, Jessica H. F. Chen, Guan-Lin Chen
Mar-2011[Case]Business Change and Creative Marketing for a Coffee Shop-The Case of GozCafe(976KB)87Yung-Fu Wang, Chun-Der Chen, Kwo-Ting Fang
Mar-2011[Case]Shuen Der Industry Product Innovation and Marketing Negotiation(1,016KB)113Tsung-Ting Chung, Meng-Hua Hsieh
Mar-2011[Information Management]“Migrating to New Virtual World” Exploring MMORPG Switching through Demographic Migration Theory(988KB)147Avus C. Y. Hou, C. C. Chern, Y. C. Chen
Mar-2011[Organization Management]The Impacts of Service Orientation and Supportive Climate on Sale Performance: The Mediating Effect of Emotional Labor and Adaptive Selling Behavior(712KB)179Shang-Ping Lin, Ta-Wei Tang, Kuei-Ling Liu, Mei-Chun Shen
Jun-2011[Financial Management]Determinants of Capital Structure in Taiwan 50: A Structure Equation Modeling Approach(1,056KB)225Shyan-Rong Chou, Ju-Ann Yang, Chen-Hsun Lee
Jun-2011[Financial Management]Valuation and Hedge of Inflation-linked Notes with Credit Risk under a Stochastic Interest Rate Model(1,010KB)279Fen-Ying Chen, Ching Chen
Jun-2011[Financial Management]Volume-return Relation and Trading Strategy(924KB)305Chen-Chien Hung
Jun-2011[Organization Management]The Effects of Innovation and Human Capital Investments on the Operating Efficiencies of Taiwan’s IC Design Industry(800KB)343Chei-Chang Chiou, Yu-Min Wang, Chia-Ling Wei, Ting-Chang Chien
Jun-2011[Strategic management]Decompose the Relationship of Network Competence and Service Innovation Performance(692KB)387Wen-Hsien Chang, Shyh-Rong Fang, Wu-Zheng Liao, Hui-Chi Huang
Jun-2011[Information Management]A Research on Teachers Trying to Innovate Teaching with Advance Information Technology(1,052KB)423Pei-Chen Sun, Chih-Hung Chou
Jun-2011[Information Management]Organizing Marketplace: Organizational Routines as a Source for IT-enabled Innovation(1,264KB)467Ruey-Lin Hsiao, Sue-Hwa Ou, Hui-Fen Chen
Sep-2011[Information Management]Marketing Effectiveness on Travel Blogs: the Perspective from Elaboration Likelihood Model(1,776KB)517Jih-Hsin Tang、Yao-Jen Yeh
Sep-2011[Technology Management]The Shanzhai Way of Innovation: Responsive, Staying Lean, and Flexible -- The case of Shanzhai mobile phone players in China(1,095KB)557Jen-Fang Lee、Hung-Hsiang Kao
Sep-2011[Marketing Management]Adolescents’ Comprehension Hierarchy of Fast Food Consumption: The Moderating Effects of Schema Knowledge and Involvement(1,410KB)597Yi-Fen Liu、I-Ling Ling、Xun-Yi Zheng
Sep-2011[Financial Management]The Effect of Insider Trading on Share Repurchase Announcements: the Moving-Window Perspective(993KB)633Chao-Shi Wang、Roger C. Y. Chen、Chen-Yu Chen、Chong-Chuo Chang
Sep-2011[Financial Management]How the Structure of Equity Ties within Business Groups Affects R&D Expenditure?Applying Hierarchical Linear Model(903KB)665Chun-Chieh Liao、Jia-Yu Chen
Sep-2011[Organization Management]Establishment of Sustainability Balanced Scorecard: A Case of Semiconductor Industry(2,260KB)709Allen H. Hu、T. C. Chen、C. W. Hsu
Sep-2011[Organization Management]The Impact of Structural Approach of Multilevel Network on Explorative and Exploitative Innovation(813KB)743Shyh-Rong Fang、Shyh-Chieh Fang、Shu-Mi Yang、Shyh-Ming Huang
Dec-2011[Organization Management]The Mass Media’s Tenor of Business News Reporting and Companies’ Media Relations Management: A Content Analysis of Business Magazines’ News of TFT-LCD Panel Manufacturers(620KB)801Iuan-Yuan Lu、Teng-Hu Su、Ing-Chung Huang
Dec-2011[Other]Ethical Decision for Gerontological Healthcare(773KB)833Long-Chuan Lu、Ling-Hua Lin、Tai-An Lin
Dec-2011[Organization Management]Business Value Net Integration:(807KB)875Ente Hsu、Henderson Chen
Dec-2011[Information Management]Clarifying Factors Affecting Information System Development Performance ---- A Perspective of Cross-team Knowledge Transfer(597KB)909Hsiu-Ju Chen、Yi-Hua Ke、Hui-Gin Chen
Dec-2011[Technology Management]A Study on the Online Music Market Dynamics in Taiwan(781KB)939Ya-Tsai Tseng
Dec-2011[Marketing Management]Measuring the effect of Atypical Brand Extension Methods on the Perceived Value of Extended Product(575KB)971Yueh-Hua Lee、Yu-Chieh Pan
Dec-2011[Marketing Management]Hui-Ling Huang、Yin-Chiech Hsu、Wei-Po Kuo、Feng-Kuan Liu(665KB)1003Hui-Ling Huang、Yin-Chiech Hsu、Wei-Po Kuo、Feng-Kuan Liu