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Mar-2004[Organization Management]The Influence of Power Situation and Power Structure on Decision Making in Organizations—A Multi-method Approach(1,000KB)9Jyh-Jeng Wu
Mar-2004[Financial Management]Return and Volatility Transmissiona between ADRs and the Underlying Factors(751KB)37Robin K. Chou、Chih-Chiang Hsu、Chao-Shuin Wu
Mar-2004[Organization Management]The Impact of Support Systems of Enterprise Organizationson Taiwanese Expatriates’ Work-family Conflict(846KB)63
Mar-2004[Information Management]ERP System Support to B2BEC for Operational: Using Qualitative and Quantitative Techniques(5,692KB)93Hsin Hsin Chang
Mar-2004[Organization Management]An Empirical Study on the Specific and Generalized Self-efficacy Models of the Employees in Charge of Informational Outsourcing:The Case of Taiwan Government Organizations(841KB)135Chin-Sheng Wan
Mar-2004[Financial Management]Investigating the underlying factors affecting intradaily price change behavior on the Taiwan Stock Exchange(555KB)173Min-Hsien Chiang、Yu-Lung Cheng
Jun-2004[Financial Management]Disadvantage Collusion: A Case Study on Flour Cartel(963KB)203
Jun-2004[Organization Management]Humor as a Moderator of Charismatic Leadership behavior and its effects(1,416KB)223Ying-Fang Su、Kuo-Chih Cheng、Jason Huang
Jun-2004[Marketing Management]The Factors of Endorsing Effects in Corporate Umbrella Branding Strategies(961KB)269Lien-Ti Bei、Sharon Cheng
Jun-2004[Financial Management]Study Period and the Industry Effect of Credit Rating(738KB)307L. Paul Hsueh、Chih-Shian Chang
Jun-2004[Organization Management]From Identity to Entrepreneurship: the dynamic processes of entrepreneurs(2,240KB)337Chia-wu Lin、Kuo-long Huang、Bor-shiuan Cheng
Jun-2004[Organization Management]The Relationship Between Social Supports and Life Satisfaction forElderly in Kaohsiung(1,142KB)399Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh、Chih-Ting Shih、Chih-Hsun Chuang、Shwu-Feng Tsay
Sep-2004[Financial Management]On the Adjustments of QFII Holding and Financial Variables(922KB)441Lanfeng Kao
Sep-2004[Other]A Study of Management Mechanisms and Performance in Management Contracts of Government-Owned Hospitals: Life Cycle Model Perspective(1,620KB)465Li, Ya-Ying、Peng, Tzu-Ju
Sep-2004[Financial Management]A Multivariate Analysis of the Relationship Among Market Share,Growth and Profitability—The Case of the Science-Based Industrial Park(1,308KB)507Po-Young Chu、Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng、Mei-Jane Teng、Hero Chiu
Sep-2004[Financial Management]A Comparative Investigation on Abnormal Returns of IPOs under Different Underwriting Mechanisms(854KB)535Chin-Shun Wu、Yueh-Yu Hsu
Sep-2004[Organization Management]A Study on Technical Efficiency of New Product Development and Its Determinants(763KB)573Wen-Fu Lee、Chiu-Tien Tsai
Sep-2004[Human Resources]Factors Affecting Training Transfer(764KB)595I-heng Chen、Zh-hua Huang
Dec-2004[Organization Management]An empirical study on the relationship of green innovation adoption and organizational environmental performance under stakerholders perspective: the model of LISREL(823KB)633Yi-Chun Huang、Ming-Rea Kao
Dec-2004[Organization Management]Opportunistic Behavior Analysis— Effects of Value Gap,Information Gap, and Potential Punishment Power(803KB)675Dah Hsian Seetoo、Hsin-Hua Hsiung
Dec-2004[Human Resources]International Labor Standards as the Playing Ground of International Trade? : Debate and Action(1,105KB)709Yu-Jen Wu
Dec-2004[Marketing Management]The Customers Involvement’s Moderating Effects on The Service Quality and Relationships Quality-An Empirical Study on Computer Mall and Internal Store(2,738KB)755Shyh-Rong Fang、Chia-Wen Chang
Dec-2004[Organization Management]Social Network Structure and Job Satisfaction(694KB)795Luo, Jar-Der、Chu, Chin-Chung
Dec-2004[Financial Management]Valuation of Investment Timing for a BOT Project – The Case of Tapeng Bay National Scenic Area(885KB)825Ming-Chi Chen、Pei-Kuei Su、Henry Y. Lo
Dec-2004[Financial Management]The Motives of Corporate Use of Derivatives: Evidence from Taiwan(196KB)1Shao-Chi Chang、Jung-Ho Lai、Yi-Ping Huang
Dec-2004[Marketing Management]The Effectiveness of Coupon Booklets When for Self-Requested Brands(244KB)19Song Zan Chiou-Wei
Dec-2004[Organization Management]Towards Corporate Social Responsibility(179KB)45Fred Robins
Dec-2004[Knowledge Management]Measuring Success in Knowledge Management: An Australian Case Study Perspective(163KB)63Rod Dilnutt
Dec-2004[Other]Success Factors of Innovation Networks: A German Case Study(166KB)79Andreas H. Levermann、Stefan W. Kohn
Dec-2004[Economic]Technological Progresses and Cost efficiencies in commercial banks: The emerging markets comparison(287KB)89Yueh H. Chen、Tzu-Wei Wang
Dec-2004[Marketing Management]Developing a Customer-Oriented Service Evaluation System(COSES) for the Public Sector(225KB)107Chi-Kung Chen、Chang-His Yu、Shiow-Jiuan Yang、Hsiu-Chen Chang
Dec-2004[Knowledge Management]Knowledge management in Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises: A Conceptual Framework for Research(179KB)125Kavoos Mohannak
Dec-2004[Financial Management]Hedging the Exchange Rate Risk in International Portfolio Diversification: Currency Forwards versus Currency Options(302KB)145Raimond Maurer、Shohreh Valiani
Dec-2004[Marketing Management]A study of the relationship between of Internal Marketing, Job Satisfaction and Customer-Oriented(243KB)181Jun-Fang Liao、Cedric H. J. Wu、Jou, Yih-Hen、Yu-Ying Huang
Dec-2004[Human Resources]The model for predicting physician productivity in the teaching hospitals(731KB)9Kuang-Hung Hsu、Yi-Ting Chen、Chia-Pang Shih、Wenyih Lee、Chiung-Chu Wu
Dec-2004[Knowledge Management]Applying Text Mining in the Construction of Top Managers’ Knowledge Maps(2,247KB)35Wun-Hwa Chen、Jen-Ying Shih、Soushan Wu
Dec-2004[Other]The future telemedicine system in Taiwan: a lesson from past 9-year experience(667KB)65Hsiu-Fen T. Tan、Ming-Ron Wu、Hung-Fu Tseng
Dec-2004[Other]A Screening Program for Identifying TKR Complication/Comorbidity(1,884KB)93Jen-Her Wu、Jing-Fen Huang、Yen-Chieh Huang、Shin-Shing Shin
Dec-2004[Other]Web-based Management for Hospital Accreditation Application in Taiwan(586KB)141H. Irene Wang、Chun-Yi Lin、Chiung-Hsun Chiu