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Mar-2009[Financial Management]Forecasting Stock Index Volatility: A Comparsion between New VIX and Long Memory Model(1,245KB)11Yu-Min Wang、Chih-Cheng Hsieh
Mar-2009[Financial Management]Contagion Effects of Earthquake on the Asian Pacific Stock Markets(1,657KB)47Hsien-Yi Lee、Hsing-Chi Wu
Mar-2009[Econometric Analysis]Statistical Process Monitoring Using Independent Component Analysis and Shewhart Control Chart(1,291KB)81Chi-Jie Lu、Chih-Chou Chiu、Tian-Shyug Lee、Chih-Hsun Juan
Mar-2009[Financial Management]Seasoned Equity Offerings’ Earnings Manipulation and Stock Market Reaction: Theory and Evidences(1,363KB)115Chun-An Li、Yih-Wenn Laih、Hsiao-Fen Hsiao
Mar-2009[Organization Management]Social Image of Mainland China Framed by Taiwan’s Polity:The SEF’s Regular Policy on the Disputes Cases of Taiwan-based Businesses(1,218KB)159Chin-Tarn Lee、Hui-Lien Tseng
Mar-2009[Knowledge Management]Affecting Factors of Organization’s Dynamic Capabilities—the Knowledge Management Perspective(1,208KB)195Yung-Chih Liou、Yao-Chieh Yang、Kuei-Ing Wang
Mar-2009[Strategic management]The Classical Chinese Perspective of Strategy(1,158KB)229Feng-Lee Lin
Mar-2009[Other]Can Organizational Quality Influence on Residential Morale? Evidence from Nursing Facilities in Kaohsiung(1,381KB)251Shwu-Feng Tsay、Jih-Hwa Wu、Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh
Jun-2009[Organization Management]A Longitudinal Field Study of the Effects of Employees’ Perceived Uncertainty, Perceived Restructuring Effect, Attitude toward Change on Their Work Attitude in the Early Stage of Organizational Restructuring(856KB)295Wen -Jen Lin、Hui-Chuan Chen
Jun-2009[Financial Management]Using Customer Lifetime Value Models and ARIMA Analysis to Value Customers: A Case Study of Department Store in Taiwan(627KB)339Miao-Ling Chen、Hsin-Hung Chen
Jun-2009[Organization Management]The Relationship Among Organizational Justice, Negative Affectivity, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Abusive Supervision(685KB)367Ming-Chu Yu、Chia-Po Kuo
Jun-2009[Organization Management]Evolution and New Development of Studies on SMEs Cluster(684KB)397Zhengping Fu、Lu Chang
Jun-2009[Financial Management]The Effects of the Integrated Income Tax System on the Corporate Capital Structure(769KB)419Yee-Chy Tseng、TsingZai C. Wu
Jun-2009[Accounting]Review and Prospects of Taiwan Accounting Academic Research(668KB)453Ruey-Dang Chang、Wen-Hua Shen、Ching-Ping Chang、Jo-Ting Wei
Jun-2009[Financial Management]Generalized M-vector Models and Portfolio Immunization: Evidence from Taiwan Government Bond Market(685KB)483Jian-Hsin Chou、Hong-Fwu Yu、Chien-Yun Chang、Hsin-Fang Lee
Jun-2009[Financial Management]Testing for the Difference in the Tails and VaR of Taiwan’s Short-Term Interest Rate(842KB)517Ming-Chu Chiang、Cheng-Feng Lee、Szu-Lang Liao、So-De Shyu
Sep-2009[Case]Development of Farcent’s Performance Measurement and Management System(1,801KB)573Li-Chih Wang、Ya-Tsai Tseng
Sep-2009[Case]The Startup Process of Imaging-Tek-Entrepreneurship and New Venture Evaluation(2,621KB)603Jessica H. F. Chen、Henry S. C. Yang、Li-Ting Huang、Jian-Hung Chen、Jeffrey C. F. Tai
Sep-2009[Case]Mashar Homemade Jam(1,162KB)633Su-Houn Liu、Hsiu-Li Liao
Sep-2009[Case]TMA CHAMP ENT. CORP.-A Navigator on the Sea(1,360KB)657Kuang-Hui Chiu、Chien-Lung Hsu
Sep-2009[Case]Bunun Leisure Farming: Designing Cultural Products and Affection Processes(1,606KB)685Syming Hwang、Lanyin Hwang
Sep-2009[Case]D-Link-Three Stories Related with Entering Russia Markets(1,060KB)715Yen-Sen Ni、Yu-Hsin Chen
Sep-2009[Case]The Operational Management of a Game Company-A Case of Cookys Digital Park(832KB)741Jen-Ruei Fu、Yi-Wen Fan、Kai Wang、Chwun-De Chen、Su-Fen Liu
Sep-2009[Case]Entrepreneurial Persistence and Business Model in the Context of Web 2.0-A Case Study of DotMore Media(1,699KB)769Hsin-Hsin Lee
Dec-2009[Organization Management]The Effect of Government Subsidies on SMEs-The case of Small Business Innovation Research program(774KB)813Chien-Wen Huang、Pin-Yu Chu、Fung-Wu Lee
Dec-2009[Organization Management]The Relationships of Team Diversity and Innovative Performance: The Mediating Effects of External Activity and Team Cohesiveness(658KB)847Yin-Mei Huang、Shu-Chi Lin、Yeh-Yun Lin
Dec-2009[Financial Management]The Impact of Defined Contribution Rate on Labor’s Optimal Asset Allocation(839KB)883Chi-Jung Hsieh、David S. Shyu、Luke Lin、Jie-Min Lee
Dec-2009[Accounting]rading Price Strategies and Advantages of Institutional and Individual Investors in the Taiwan Stock Market(1,269KB)927Chaoshin Chiao、Ching-Hua Yu、Ting-Yu Lin
Dec-2009[Other]The Impact of National Innovation System on the Development of University Technology Transfer – Comparison among U.S.A, Japan and Taiwan(800KB)971Hsueh-Chiao Chiang
Dec-2009[Accounting]Social Capital and New Product Development Performance: The Mediation Effect of Knowledge Sharing Opportunity, Motivation and Capability(797KB)1001Ru-Mei Hsieh、Shih-Chieh Fang、Chang-Yung Liu、Fu-Sheng Tsai
Dec-2009[Financial Management]Credit Risk Model Establishment for Private Firms: The Integration of Merton Model and Ohlson Model(818KB)1045Ta-Cheng Chang、Yu-Ling Lin、Yu-Lan Su
Dec-2009[Organization Management]Using Fuzzy Analytical Network Process to Construct New Service Development Strategy Model on Agility(888KB)1083Ling-Zhong Lin、Tsuen-Ho Hsu