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Mar-2021[Financial Accounting]The Cost of Innovation: R&D and High Cash Holdings in Taiwan Biotechnology Industry(5,601KB)11Yu-Jen Hsiao, Te-Chien Lo, Nien-Tzu Yang, Chun-Wen Chen
Mar-2021[Financial Accounting]Managerial Legal Liability Coverage and Corporate Tax Avoidance(2,469KB)33Yihsing Liao, Tengsheng Sang, Lihua Kao
Mar-2021[General management]Wider, Bigger, Closer, and More Centralized. Do They Matter? The Ecology Analysis of Bicycle and Parts Manufacturing Cluster in Taiwan(1,521KB)71Chien-Chung Lu, Shin-Tien Chen
Mar-2021[IFERA]Impacts of Institutional Logics and Social Capital of Private Universities on the Performance of Academia-industry Collaborations(8,083KB)103Shu-Ting Chan, Kuang S. Yeh, Hsi-Mei Chung
Mar-2021[IFERA]Succession and Innovation Input in Family Firm(6,029KB)151Yong Zhao
Jun-2021[Financial Accounting]Cash Holdings, Information Asymmetry, and Accounting Standards(1,956KB)197Nien-Su Shih, Tzu-Yun Tseng
Jun-2021[General management]The Weakness’ Strong Tie: Reshaping Social Position by Exchanging Resources(1,859KB)245Su-Hua Ou
Jun-2021[General management]Exploration on Gamified Co-creation Model: Example of Uniform Invoice System(3,763KB)285Min-Li Yang
Jun-2021[General management]The Impacts of Personality, Personal Value, and Attitude on Willingness to Be Holiday Farmers(682KB)337Chia-Lin Hsu, Tai-Ning Yang, Chieh-Ying Cheng, Chih-Ching Yu, Yen-Jung Pan
Sep-2021[Special Issue in Innovative & Entrepreneurship Managemen]Provoking Local Value and Regional Revitalizing Field: the Application of University’s Capital(586KB)383Dun-Hou Tsai, Meng-Chen Wu, Yi-Shin Wu, Chih-Yu Lee
Sep-2021[Special Issue in Innovative & Entrepreneurship Managemen]Value Co-creation for Social Practice with Service-Dominant Logic: A Test of the Prototype of Social Return on Investment Indicators(2,418KB)417Hung-Wei Chen, Fu-Ren Lin
Sep-2021[Special Issue in Innovative & Entrepreneurship Managemen]Material Circulation, Value Co-creation, Co-sharing, and the Establishment of Ecosystem: A Study of Small Social Enterprise – Give-Circle(2,349KB)467Mei-Chen Hsieh, Ting-Ling Lin, Yi-Yuan Chen
Sep-2021[Special Issue in Innovative & Entrepreneurship Managemen]Collective Bricolage and Performativity Co-creation: 185 Farmers’ Market as an Ecosystem(3,054KB)515Yu-Chieh Chao, Yi-Hsiang Liao
Dec-2021[Case]Heading to a New World with Higher Compensation: Why is TSMC Raising Employee Compensation?(1,591KB)536Ling-Chu Lee
Dec-2021[Case] Consumer Response to Service Failure and Recovery - A Case of Yuan Yuan Fang(1,481KB)593Lan-Lung Chiang, Hsiang-Hsun Wu, Huang-Chu Chen
Dec-2021[Case]Charoen Pokphand: Social License to Operate and Corporate Social Responsibility(1,356KB)617Shih-Wei Wu, Chin-Hua Yang, William Tang
Dec-2021[Case]Renewing after Destruction- the Reshaping Process of Hai Ma Enterprise(1,775KB)655Jing Huang、Han-Yu Lee
Dec-2021[Case]The Good Shepherd - How Love Spreads?(2,197KB)683Sze-Hsun Sylcien Chang,Ting-Ying Lin,Huo-Tsan Chang,I-Chieh Hsu
Dec-2021[Case]Selling Oil or Coffee? The CPC Gas Station Brand Development Strategy Choice(1,914KB)713Yung-Sheng Yang, Annie Pei-I Yu