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Mar-2005[Other]Diversity in Management Journals in Taiwan: Ranking of Journal Quality Perceptions(1,342KB)15Shyh-Jer Chen、Sheng-Tun Li、Hsiou-Wei Lin、Shih-Chang Hung、Ching-Ter Chang、Shih-Kuo Yeh、Jui-Fen Rachel Lu、Yi-Ching Hsieh、Chiung-Wen Tsao、Shu-Ling Wu
Mar-2005[Financial Management]Internationalization and Operating Performance: An Analysis of the Asian Financial Crisis(1,016KB)49Yang Li、Hsien-Chang Kuo、Jiun-Lin Yang
Mar-2005[Organization Management]An Empirical Study on the Relationship among Performance, Corporate Governance, and Top Executive Turnover(1,352KB)75Chia-ling Lee、Ying-Jung Yeh、Chin-Tsang Ho
Mar-2005[Marketing Management]The Effects of Advertising Message Appeals, Message Framing, Message Source Credibility, and Need for Cognition on Advertising Performance(918KB)107Cheng-Nan Chen、Shueh-Chin Ting、Su-Yin Lin、Jo-Lan Liu
Mar-2005[Marketing Management]The Effects of Price Discount, Brand Image, and Product Category on Consumers’ Perceived Quality and Perceived Risk(987KB)143Dungchun Tsai、Hsiao-Ching Lee
Mar-2005[Information Management]Information department’s power: A study based on strategic contingencies’ theory(1,578KB)177Chen-Fen Huang、Tung-Ching Lin
Mar-2005[Information Management]ERP Implementation: Case Analysis from a Contextualist Perspective(1,567KB)217Jessica H.F. Chen、Eric T.G. Wang
Mar-2005[Strategic management]A Study of Project Leader’s Competence, Execution Discipline, and Performance – A Case of Government Projects(1,073KB)247Ru-Ching Hsu
Jun-2005[Strategic management]Development of the Value Net System within Mobile Internet and Commerce for Mobile Operators Usage: A Study of Mobile Market and Strategy Analysis in Japan(2,654KB)299Hsin Hsin Chang
Jun-2005[Strategic management]The Market Structure, Conduct and Performance of the Taiwan Motorcycle Industry:Policy Implications Related to Fair-Trade Law(1,311KB)349Hsiang-Hsi Liu、Chun-Jieh Wan
Jun-2005[Knowledge Management]The Effect of Knowledge Sourcing, Knowledge Management, and Knowledge Type on the Innovation Performance – An Organizational Learning Perspective(2,778KB)389Chung-Jen Chen、Shu-Ju Tsai
Jun-2005[Marketing Management]The Effect of Exotic Advertising based on Cultural Identity: The Case of Japanese Fever in Taiwan(1,455KB)417Chi-Tsun Huang、Tsung-Chi Liu
Jun-2005[Financial Management]Analysis on Selecting Intra-day Transaction Timing by Insiders(1,220KB)451Shing-yang Hu、Chien-hung Chen
Jun-2005[Other]Fuzzy Set Theory for Building Analysis Matrixes of Travel Risk(1,163KB)479Tsuen-Ho Hsu、Ling-Zhong Lin
Jun-2005[Other]A Study of Market Positioning on Integrated Industrial Furnace Systems: An Application of Multidimensional Scaling(1,078KB)511Wu Jen-Her、Wang Yu-Min、Li Ruei-Guo、Lu Iuan-Yuan
Jun-2005[Econometric Analysis]Proper Interpretation of Standardized Regression Coefficients(661KB)533San-Pui Lam
Sep-2005[Accounting]A Study of Government Certification From the Impact of Venture Capital on Industry Development(1,315KB)563Andrew M. Wang、Jeng-Ren Chiou、Yi-Chieh Lin、Yi-Hua Lin
Sep-2005[Financial Management]The Second Round Investment Decision-Making of Venture Capital Firms(1,348KB)589Ray-Young Lu
Sep-2005[Accounting]The Value-Relevance of R&D and Capital Expenditure:A Test of the Life Cycle Hypothesis(2,149KB)617Chen-Lung Chin、Hsiou-wei William Li、Woei Herng Chiou
Sep-2005[Financial Management]Pricing Taiwan Covered Warrants Subject to Credit Risk(1,442KB)645Min-Hsien Chiang、Fang-Chi Su
Sep-2005[Financial Management]The Performance Measures for Mutual Funds: A Simulation Approach(1,869KB)667Lanfeng Kao、Anlin Chen、Hui-Wen Tang、Meilan Tsao
Sep-2005[Knowledge Management]Organizational Knowledge Creation: Knowledge-market Efficiency Perspective(1,699KB)695Shih-Chieh Fang、Su-Lee Tsai、Yu-Lu Lo
Sep-2005[E-commerce]The Research of Model Construction Affecting Use Intention in e-Learning Market--Application of Fuzzy-Nerual Network Method(1,867KB)721Lin Wen-Bao、Yang Shu-Fei
Sep-2005[E-commerce]How to Improve the Outcomes of Online Learning: An Emergent Perspective of Communities of Practice(2,466KB)749Sy-Feng Wang、Tsang-Hsiung Lee
Dec-2005[Financial Management]Do Bid-Ask Spreads Affect Investors’ Holding Period and Stock Returns?(477KB)791Horace Chueh、Chun-Cheng Chen
Dec-2005[Financial Management]An Empirical Study on the Asymmetric Volatility of Individual Stocks: the Case of Taiwan Stock Market(533KB)811Chu-hsiung Lin
Dec-2005[Financial Management]A Comparison between B-S Model and Stochastic Volatility Option Pricing Models: Empirical Evidence from TAIEX Options(607KB)837Hsinan Hsu、Chao Hsien Lin、Jiun-hung Chen
Dec-2005[Financial Management]Dynamic Interaction of Bid and Ask Quotes in the Japanese Yen-Dollar Foreign Exchange Market(532KB)873Yin-Feng Gau
Dec-2005[Financial Management]Is the Risk of Bankruptcy a Systematic Risk in Japan?(511KB)897Chaoshin Chiao、Shanyu Chen
Dec-2005[Knowledge Management]The relationship between knowledge management and human resource management in Taiwanese high-tech corporations(590KB)925Hsi-An Shih、Jing-Wen Huang
Dec-2005[Human Resources]An Inquiry into The Relationship between Overseas Adjustments and Life Satisfaction of International Exchange Students: Social Support as an Antecedent Variable(564KB)959Ing-Chung Huang、Anyi Chung、Liang-Chieh Weng、Wen-Ching Chang
Dec-2005[Economic]A Test of Natural Monopoly for KaoPort Operations(596KB)983Yue-Shan Chang、Jyih-Sian Sun
Dec-2005[Financial Management]Asymmetric reaction in the Taiwan stock market: Overreaction to bad news and underreaction to good news(183KB)7Mei-Chen Lin
Dec-2005[Financial Management]Examining Multiple Volatility and Co-movement States as Well as Beta Coefficients of International Stock Markets(428KB)41Ming-Yuan Leon Li、Hsiou-Wei William Lin
Dec-2005[Financial Management]The Quoting Behavior of a Specialist on the NYSE(143KB)73Min-Hsien Chiang
Dec-2005[Financial Management]The Effects of Advertised Reference Price on Consumer Price Judgments in Online and Offline Retailing Environments(145KB)105Yuan-shuh Lii、L. P. Douglas Tseng
Dec-2005[Financial Management]A Study on the Performance Evaluation of Taiwan’s Newly Reorganized Banks(182KB)115Dauw-Song Zhu、Chien-Ta Ho、Li-Hsia Lin
Dec-2005[Accounting]The Impacts of Competitive Strategy on the Demand for Management Accounting System Information Characteristics: The Intervening Effects of Decentralization and Environmental Uncertainty(152KB)159Bing-Chyan Chiou