Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2002[Human Resources]A Theoretical Model of Performance Management To an Integrated Human Resource Information System: Case Studies of Three Enterprises(1,173KB)15Ing-Chung Huong、Ya-Hui Ling、Jung-Te Chen、Wei-Ning Liu
Mar-2002[Organization Management]The Nature and Theories of Organizational Identification(804KB)45Wei-Ling Hsu、Bor-Shiun Cheng
Mar-2002[Organization Management]The Relationships between Leadership Behaviors and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in the High-tech Industries: Examine the Contingent Effects of Trust to the Supervisors(920KB)65Te-Cheng Yu、Jin-Feng Uen、Ted Chen
Mar-2002[Accounting]The Effects of Changes in the Numbers of the CPA Examination Passing Candidates on the Audit Market(1,109KB)93Tay-chang Wang、Chia-Wen Lin
Mar-2002[Accounting]The Information Contents of Stock Repurchase Announcements in Taiwan(862KB)127Roger C. Y. Chen、Hsiung-Lan Wu
Mar-2002[Strategic management]The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions Activities On Corporate performance in Taiwan’s Listed Acquiring Firms(1,101KB)155Mei-Jui Sun、Long-Chie Chen
Jun-2002[Financial Management]Industrial Momentum Strategies and Investment Performance: An Empirical Study on Taiwan Stock Mutual Fund(1,007KB)203Cheng-Yu Chen、David S. Shyu、Yu-Min Wang
Jun-2002[Accounting]The Determinants of Accountants’ Performance on Implementing the Integrated Income Tax System(1,120KB)231Chung-Yuan Hsu、Ying-Di Cai
Jun-2002[Organization Management]A Synthesis of Transaction Cost and Organizational Competence Perspectives of the Firm(1,325KB)261Ten-Tsung Huang
Jun-2002[Production management]The Product Innovation, New Product Development Processes and Internet Adoption: A Focus on Taiwanese SMEs(877KB)291Rurng-Jer Huang、Ming-Hung Hsieh、Wen-Chang Fang、Ing-San Hwang
Jun-2002[Information Management]Toward a More Generalized E-Mortgage Design: Geographic Information Systems Based(1,602KB)317Jia-Lang Seng、Hong-Yeh Chou
Jun-2002[Marketing Management]An Integrated Framework of Combining Market Structure and Behavior for Selecting Representative Test Markets(826KB)355Li-Chung Jen、Chueh-An Hsieh
Sep-2002[Marketing Management]The Dissatisfactory Determinants of Second Service : An Investigation after Service Recovery(837KB)397Shao-Cheng Cheng
Sep-2002[Strategic management]Forming Strategic Coalition and Its Management: An Investigation of CPA Firm’s Management Advisory Service(805KB)421William W. Sheng
Sep-2002[Financial Management]Integral Approach, Quarterly Earnings, and Stock Returns(488KB)445Wen-Chih Lee、Shu-Hua Lee、Yann-Ching Tsai
Sep-2002[Accounting]Nonlinear Price-Volume Dynamics in Taiwan Stock Exchange-An Application of TVTP Markov-Switching Model(1,181KB)461Wei-Yu Kuo、Hui-Ping Tung
Sep-2002[Financial Management]Improving the Accuracy of Estimating the Value-at-Risk Using Historical Simulation(802KB)497Chu-Hsiung Lin、Chang-Cheng Chang Chien
Sep-2002[Financial Management]A Study of Portfolio Performance Measure Using Taguchi’s Loss Function(585KB)521Hsien-Tang Tsai、Duan Wei、Jen-Der Day
Dec-2002[Financial Management]Turnover Rate, Market Sophistication, Volatility,And Mean Reversion(1,427KB)555Chih-Shian Chang
Dec-2002[Financial Management]An Empirical Study of Currency Options with Stochastic Interest Rates(1,010KB)591Chuang-Chang Chang、Robin K. Chou、Jei-Juin Tsao
Dec-2002[E-commerce]The Relationship between Service quality and Customers’ Behavioral Intentions in E-commerce(1,121KB)623Hung-Chang Chiu、Wen-Hua Csieh、Yi-Ching Yang、Shu-Chun Yang
Dec-2002[Financial Management]Knowledge Discovery from Recurrent Neural Network for Optimal Portfolio Capital Allocation(1,078KB)651
Dec-2002[Organization Management]The Effect of Organizational Change Strategy on Managers Job Stress(924KB)683Min-Chin Miao、Huo-Tasn Chang
Dec-2002[Marketing Management]A Cross-cultural Study of Ethical Decision Making in Marketing -A Comparison of American, France and Taiwanese MBA Students.(1,149KB)707Amy Y.L. Lin、Jacob Y.H. Jou、Cedric H.J. Wu
Dec-2002[Accounting]The Impact of Share Holding and Ability of Managers on the Firm Value of State-Owned Enterprises in China-An Application of Financial Theory(1,016KB)3Szu-Lang Liao、Jimmy Y.T. Tsay、Ming-Lei Chang
Dec-2002[Financial Management]Product Advantage, Marketing Synergy, and Product Launch Decisions: The Moderating Role of Competitive Hostility(846KB)41Chien-Wei Chen、Yung-Jui Chu
Dec-2002[Financial Management]Asset Reshuffling, Capital Infusion and Optimal Capital Requirements(615KB)71Roger C. Y. Chen
Dec-2002[Financial Management]Intra-industry Effects of Acquisition Announcements(573KB)95Shao-Chi Chang、Ying-Jiuan Wong
Dec-2002[Human Resources]The Moderating Effects of Product Market Competition on Executive Compensation(545KB)115Wei-Ning Liu、Shyh-Jer Chen
Dec-2002[Financial Management]A Genetic-Based Heuristic Approach Toward Maintenance Scheduling of Oil Tanks(524KB)135Sheng-Tun Li、Li-Yen Shue、Pei-Chun Lin