Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2024[Innovative & Entrepreneurship Management]Revealing Knowledge while Self-Learning: The Declaration of Standard Essential Patents and Exploitative Learning(4,261KB)3Jing-Ming Shiu; Wei-Ling Huang
Mar-2024[Financial Accounting]The Over-Tenured Board and Internal Control Deficiencies(1,378KB)51Wen-Ching Chang; Jui-Pin Chen
Mar-2024[Financial Accounting]The Impact of Audit Committee Seats and Attendance Rate on the Quality of the Company’s Financial Reporting - Moderate by Directors and Officers’ Liability Insurance(1,689KB)99Shaio-Yan Huang; Yu-Hsuan Chung; Yu-Ting Huang; Yu-Ching Hsiao
Mar-2024[Financial Accounting]Divergence and Pair Trading Strategy(745KB)149Wei-Feng Hung; Ching-Ting Lin; Chin-Han Lee; Shih-Wei Lee
Jun-2024[Marketing management]Investigating the Role of Customer Inertia in Service Failure: A Status Quo Bias Theory Perspective(3,526KB)185Cheng-Yu Lin; En-Yi Chou; Mi-Hsuan Hsu
Jun-2024[Innovative & Entrepreneurship Management]The Architectural Creation and Control of Complex Products and Systems Ecosystem(2,449KB)225Jing-Ming Shiu
Jun-2024[Financial Accounting]Female Director, Board Committees and Hospital Financial Performance(1,844KB)267Kuan-Chen Chen; Chung-I Lin; Yin-Lin Ho; Ying‐Chun Li
Jun-2024[Financial Accounting]What Matters in Reinsurance Decisions? Evidence from the Natural Disaster Effect in Taiwan(878KB)291Yen-Chih Chen; Jin-Lung Peng