Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2023[Special Issue]Abc Dental Group: Become the Dental Concierge of Patients with IT Technologies(5,560KB)3Chien-Hung Chen, Chih-Yuan Wang
Mar-2023[Special Issue]Water Bamboo Farmers in Puli - Intelligent LED Light System(3,419KB)47Chihchi Yang, Jessica Hsiaofen Chen, Yungpin Tsai, Kufan Chen
Mar-2023[Special Issue]Hermin Textile Import AI Pattern Recognition Create New Business Models(1,614KB)77Ming-Chang Huang, Chia-Hung Hsieh, Ya-Hui Lien, Hwei-Chieh Yen
Mar-2023[Special Issue]The Journey of Digital Transformation: DIGIBIONIC’s Cloud-based Innovation Service System(1,656KB)109Mei-Chih Hu, Chih-Hsien Wu, Yi-Ching Hsu
Mar-2023[Special Issue]Food Mapping: Digital Transformation of Ningxia Night Market(1,257KB)141Su-Hua Ou, Ding-Kung Lin, Sin-Mei Su
Mar-2023[Special Issue]Caware Filtering Corporation- SME Use Digital Technology to Prevent BEC Fraud(2,801KB)171Min-Hua Chang, Tzu-Chia Huang, You-Zhen Dai
Jun-2023[Information & Operations Management]Government as a Collaborative Network-Based Emerging Infectious Disease Platform Ecosystem: Lessons from COVID-19(2,010KB)213Chun-Yi Lin, Wei-Hsi Hung, Yan-Ping Chi
Jun-2023[Financial Accounting]Value, Momentum, and Crash Risk in the Taiwan Stock Market(514KB)283Hsin-Lu Liu, Kuan-Cheng Ko, Yi-Jhen Lin, Wen-Chi Lo
Jun-2023[Financial Accounting]The Value Relevance of the First Year’s Revenue Key Audit Matter(1,289KB)309Yu-Shan Chang, Sin-Hui Yen
Jun-2023[General management]Analyses of Measurement Equivalence across Gender of the Psychological Capital Questionnaire(1,250KB)359Changya Hu, Jui-Chieh Huang, Yen-Yu Chen, Hsiao-Ying Cheng, Jonah Tyan
Sep-2023[General management]A Conceptual Framework for Institutionalization of Radical Technological Innovation(737KB)403Chuan-Kai Lee, Yu-Hsin Ma
Sep-2023[Financial Accounting]The Effect of the Trade War between China and the United States, Social Responsibility Information Disclosure, and Corporate Governance on Abnormal Stock Returns - Evidence from Technology Industry(2,032KB)447Ying-Hsiang Chen, Ching-Chieh Lin, Wen-Hsiang Lin, Ming-Hung Yao
Sep-2023[Financial Accounting]Board Characteristics, Enterprise Risk Management and Security Analysts’ Forecasts Accuracy(7,957KB)481Ya-Chi Chang, Ya-Chi Wang
Sep-2023[Financial Accounting]Can Horse Racing in the SME Loan Market Bolster Financing Efficiency? A Study of an Implicit Policy Intervention in Taiwan(4,523KB)545Ya-Kai Chang, Chi-Yeh Lu, Pin-Chieh Tsai, Pei-Shih Weng
Dec-2023[Innovative & Entrepreneurship Management]The Interfirm Division of Labor and Specific Assets in the Platform-based Ecosystem: The Case Study of Intel, Brand Firm and Contract Manufacturer(2,721KB)593Jing-Ming Shiu, Hsin-Yen Liu
Dec-2023[Financial Accounting]Salmon Run: The Effect of Welcome Back Action Plan on Corporate Capital Cost and Distribution Decision(1,809KB)635Chien-Lin Lu
Dec-2023[Information & Operations Management]Effects of Perfectionism on Positive and Negative Job Outcomes among Information Technology Employees(2,526KB)669Wei-Tsong Wang, Ying-Lien Lin
Dec-2023[Information & Operations Management]The Influence of Social Capital on Personal Health Information Disclosure(863KB)705Shin-Yuan Hung, Yu-Li Hung, Qian-Hua Lai, Annie Pei-I Yu