Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2000[Other]A Sociological Perspective on the Problem of Efficiency in State-owned Enterprises─An Analytical Comparison between France and Taiwan(1,131KB)13Rueyling Tzeng
Mar-2000[Organization Management]The Organizational Change and Design under Corporations’ Initial Public Offerings in Taiwan(1,338KB)37Yunshi Liu
Mar-2000[Marketing Management]A Study on the Relations of Marketing Strategies and Marketing Performance of Creating International Brands for the Taiwanese Firms(1,154KB)71Shun-Ching Horng, Paul C. S. Wu
Mar-2000[Econometric Analysis]A Comparative Study for Evaluation Approaches of Service Quality(495KB)105Chorng-Shyong Ong
Mar-2000[Production management]An Empirical Study of the Determinants of the Waiting Service Quality─ The Case of the Service of Railway Station(1,049KB)123Ding-Yu Chan, Dren-Don Huang
Mar-2000[Marketing Management]A Reexamination and Verification of Customer Satisfaction Measurement of Service Industry(1,561KB)153Te-Ping Kuo, Tai-Hwa Chow, Jun-Ying Huang
Jun-2000[Strategic management]An Empirical Study of Factors Influencing on Types and Performances of Strategic Alliance(1,035KB)273Wen-Ruey Lee, Wei-Chung Chao, Chih-Hao Lin
Jun-2000[Financial Management]Financial Structure and Corporate Performance for Taiwan SMEs(804KB)303Yin-Hua Yeh, Chen-En Ko, Yu-Hui Su
Jun-2000[Production management]Determinants of Volume Flexibility Capability: An Empirical Study(784KB)325Shih-Chia Chang, Neng-Pai Lin
Jun-2000[Marketing Management]Content Analysis of Magazine Advertisement for Bank in Taiwan(1,234KB)345Ding-Yu Chan, Shu-Ling Liao
Sep-2000[Organization Management]Assessment Technique and Employee Selection: A Person-Organization Value Fit Approach(1,079KB)399Bor-Shiuan Cheng, Chien-Chih Kuo
Sep-2000[Organization Management]A Study of the Development of Emotional Labor Loading Scale(842KB)427Shang-Ping Lin
Sep-2000[Other]The Study of Taiwan’s Cellular Phone Service Industry: The Analysis of Its Structure and Concentration(1,233KB)449Ping-Hung Chen
Sep-2000[Information Management]The Political Games of User and MIS Personnel in Information System Development Process—An Exploratory Research(1,231KB)479Tung-Ching Lin, Ling-Hsing Chang
Sep-2000[Human Resources]The Relationships between Internal Fit of Human Resource Management System and Organizational Performance: Configurational Approach(1,030KB)511Jia-Chi Huang
Sep-2000[Other]A Study on the Relationship of Green Management and Stakeholders: The Empirical Analysis of 1000 Manufactures in Taiwan(1,092KB)537Ming-Rea Kao, Yi-Chun Huang
Dec-2000[Organization Management]Leaderships in Chinese Business organization: A Cultural Value Analysis(1,579KB)583Bor-Shiuan Cheng, Min-Ping Huang
Dec-2000[Accounting]The Research on Relationship Between Dynamic Development and Human Resource Management Practices of SMEs in Taiwan(2,008KB)619Hui-Chuan Chen, Bing-Eng Wu
Dec-2000[Organization Management]A Study on the Identification Base of Cohort Groups in Taiwanese Business Organizations─ A Case on the CTCI Construction Consulting Corporation(740KB)669Yu-An Huang, Bing-Jyun Wang, Cha-Chu Liu
Dec-2000[Financial Management]Deposit Insurance Rate and Risk-Shifting Behavior of Taiwan’s New Commercial Banks(700KB)691David Shyu, Min-Shann Tsai
Dec-2000[Financial Management]Seasoned Equity Offerings and Earnings Management(1,284KB)709Chen Lung Chin, Hsiou-Wei Lin, Su Mei Huang
Dec-2000[Financial Management]The Incremental Information Content of the Components of Non-operating Income(960KB)745Yu-Cheng Chen, Shiow-Li Tsai
Sep-2000[Financial Management]Investigating the Underpricing Behavior of Initial Public Offerings: Tests of Underwriter Price Support and Signaling Theories(471KB)3Min-Hsien Chiang
Sep-2000[Organization Management]Organizational Demography, Wage Dispersion, and Employee Turnover: An Organization-level Investigation in Taiwan(752KB)21Kuo-Hsien Su
Sep-2000[Human Resources]Organizations’ Use of Temporary Workers: Its Determinants and HRM Implications(892KB)47Jyh-Jer Roger Ko
Sep-2000[Economic]On the Interaction of Taiwan Stock Market and the Currency Market of the US Dollar(552KB)79Jeng-Ren Chiou, Lanfeng Kao, TsingZai Wu