Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Sep-1993[Human Resources]Strategic Human Resource Management: A Global Perspective(950KB)1Nancy J. Adler、Fariborz Ghadar
Sep-1993[Organization Management]Management Development Across Cultures-A Transitions Perspectives(548KB)41Nigel Nicholson
Sep-1993[Information Management]A Computerized Validation Environment for Technical Analysis of the Stock Market(801KB)61Jien-Sheng Wang、Hsin-Hui Lin、Soda Shyu
Sep-1993[Human Resources]Human Resource Management Strategies of Subsidiaries-the Case of Multinational in Taiwan(611KB)93Cheng-Min Chuang、Bih-Shiaw Jaw
Sep-1993[Financial Management]The Characteristics & Methods of Profit Sharing(998KB)115Yue-Shan Chang、Jim-Yue Wu
Sep-1993[Other]Inspection-Repaie-Replacement Policy Under Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes(546KB)153Sung-Chi Wu