Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-1998[Production management](356KB)1
Mar-1998[Econometric Analysis]The Computing Model for Business Environment cost(1,036KB)29Pei-how Huang
Mar-1998[Other]Greening in China and Taiwan—Lessons for Policy Markets and Managers(900KB)61Terence Tsai, Jane Lu
Mar-1998[Information Management]ISO 9000 System in Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industry: Information System Perspective(1,116KB)85Houn-Gee Chen, Eldon LI, Her-Shian Chiou
Mar-1998[Production management]The Strategies for Shelf Space Management in Retailing—An Empirical Study in Taiwan Supermarkets(919KB)115Ming-Hsien Yang
Mar-1998[Other]The Study on the Determinants of Technology Acquisition Model—The Empirical Analysis of Electronic and Food Industries(1,119KB)139Shu-Jie Fang
Mar-1998[Production management]Adoption of ISO 14000 –A Study of Companies in Taiwan(574KB)195Chao-tung Wen, Ming-kun Chen
Mar-1998[Other]A Case Study of Environment Protection and ISO 14000 Campaigned by China Steel Cooperation(599KB)211Ming-Rea Kao, Yi-Chun Huang
Mar-1998[Other]A Perplexed Expatriate(386KB)229Heh Jason Huang, Steve X. Si
Jun-1998[Accounting]Looking at 21st Century Accounting Profession and Education(295KB)259
Jun-1998[Accounting]Research and Teaching in Behavioral Accounting(1,215KB)269
Jun-1998[Accounting]Behavioral Accounting Research: Issues and Paradigms(1,594KB)293Rong-Ruey Duh
Jun-1998[Human Resources]The Relationship of the Lack of Fit Between Management Control System and Managers’ Preferences with Managers’ Dysfunctional Behavior(2,060KB)331Chee Chow, Michael Shields, Anne Wu
Jun-1998[Organization Management]An Empirical Examination of the Relationship between R&D and Operating Performance of Taiwanese Manufacturing Firms(2,824KB)357Chin-Shyh Ou
Jun-1998[Production management]The Effect of Manufacturing Technology Level on the Relationship Between Participative Budgeting and Departmental Performance(824KB)387Feng-Yu Ni, Dauw-Song Zhu, Ruey-Dang Chang
Jun-1998[Financial Management]Intra-Market Transmission in Taiwan Stock Market(648KB)441Kung-Hsiung Chang, Chin-Shun Wu, Tsai-Yuan Lin
Jun-1998[Other]Growth and Strategy of A Global Business – the case of Giant(837KB)461Cheng-Hwa Tzeng, Lien-An Hsu
Jun-1998[Other]New Product Development and Product Position(422KB)481Andie Lee
Sep-1998[Human Resources]The Concept and Future of Human Resource Management(625KB)725
Sep-1998[Human Resources]Emerging Issues in Human Resources Management(470KB)741
Sep-1998[Human Resources]Correlation Analysis between Job Congruence and Job Involvement for Employees in Taiwan(1,081KB)797Hui-Yuan Liao, Yann-Chyn Jeng, Re-Chang Yo
Sep-1998[Human Resources]The Best Model of Human Resource Strategy of Taiwanese firms in China(1,057KB)827Tong-Zun Huang, Jing-Ru Liu
Sep-1998[Production management]Applying Activity-Based Costing to Cost Analysis and Control in Contractors Industry(705KB)855Wen-Hsien Tsai, How-Ming Shieh, Wen-Ling Chiu
Sep-1998[Econometric Analysis]Applying DEA in Analyzing the Efficiency of the District Garbage Disposal Peams for the City of Kaoshiung(789KB)879Jih-Hwa Wu, Chen-Chu Liou
Sep-1998[Knowledge Management]The Prior Knowledge Approach to Data Mining(2,163KB)903Heng-Li Yang, Hsing-Yi Lin
Sep-1998[Other]Project Evaluation In Mainland China – Cooper Industries Inc.(445KB)967Kehluh Wang, Echo Lai
Dec-1998[Other]Review & Future of R.O.C National Quality Award(700KB)997Chin-Ho Su
Dec-1998[Production management]Quality Management and Competitiveness(371KB)1017
Dec-1998[Accounting]The Impact of Firm’s Quality on Debt Financing and Dividend Policy(565KB)1039Chin-Chen Chien, Hsiao-Hui Ma
Dec-1998[Organization Management]The Association Between Quality Management and Organizational Climate as well as Performance(775KB)1057Chinho Lin, Fu-Shing Chou, Bertram Tan, Kun-Shou Shih
Dec-1998[Econometric Analysis]On the Measurement of the Service Quality for the Banking Industry(1,044KB)1081Liang-Chen Lee, Chih-Shian Chang
Dec-1998[Production management]Capability Enhancement of Taiwanese Information Technology Firms Through Cross-Border Manufacturing Alliances(940KB)1113Yui-Wen Jao
Dec-1998[Organization Management]Organizational Change Processes and Computerization for Small Business: A Case Study of Service Organization(1,342KB)1137Chin-Fu Ho
Dec-1998[Financial Management]An Empirical Analysis of Financial Integration among London, Singapore, and Taipei Offshore Money Markets and Its Policy Implication for Taiwan(919KB)1171Chau-Jung Kuo
Dec-1998[Technology Management]A Study of Software Quality Assurance System: Architecture and Case Study(711KB)1197JrJung Lyu, Fu-Shine Peter Chou, His-Hsien Wu
Dec-1998[Production management]Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) Applied to Taiwan’s Medical Industry: Example on the Kao-Pin Branch of the National Health Insurance Bureau(431KB)1219Feng Lee Lin, Hsien-Tang Tsai, Horn-Che Chiang, Jung-Lang Cheng