Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-1999[Financial Management]On Financial Risk Management(289KB)1
Mar-1999[Economic]Theory and Practice of Finance(398KB)11
Mar-1999[Accounting]Stock Market Response to the Statement of Financial Accounting Standard No.18: Accounting for Pensions(754KB)35Chan-Jane Lin, Wen-Chen Chang
Mar-1999[Accounting]Voluntary Disclosure in the Annual Reports of the Taiwan Banking Industry(820KB)57Chi-Chung Liu
Mar-1999[Financial Management]Earning / Returns Association(671KB)81Chin Chen-Lung
Mar-1999[Financial Management]Application of Mixed Strap and Strip Strategies in the Taiwan Stock Market(979KB)101Hsinan Hsu, Minghuei Huang
Mar-1999[Financial Management]The Impact of Stock Floation on Privatization(931KB)129Yu-Jane Liu, Min-Fu Hsu
Mar-1999[Other]Future Directions of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Environmental Conflict in Taiwan(829KB)189Pin-Yu Chu, Ming-Sheng Wang
Mar-1999[Organization Management]Organization Culture, Business Strategy and Corporation Growth: The Case of Aurora Corporation(542KB)215Shao-Cheng Cheng
Mar-1999[Financial Management]The Operations, Financial and Tax Planning for Medium and Small-sized Companies: Using May & May Company as an Example(326KB)227Ruey-Dang Chang, Yee-Cgy Tseng
Jun-1999[Other]The Transformation and Challenge of Research Institutes()255
Jun-1999[Technology Management]Reflections on Technology Management Research()269
Jun-1999[Information Management]Change in Structures of Governance in High-Technology Network Organizations: The Case of Taiwan’s Integrated-Circuit Packaging Companies(1,503KB)293Dung-sheng Chen
Jun-1999[Technology Management]The Technology Cooperation between Industry and Government-Sponsored Consortia: The Motives, Interaction Mechanism and Performance(1,243KB)325Shu-Jie Fang
Jun-1999[Production management]The Contribution of R&D on Value Added: An Estimation of Technology Intensive Industry in Taiwan(853KB)357Kuen-Hung Tsai
Jun-1999[Information Management]An Analysis of Applications of Strategic Information System(1,127KB)383Hsiangchu Lai, Fang-pei Su
Jun-1999[Information Management]A Study on Demand of Firms for Business Information Service – A Case of Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park and Hsinchu Industrial Park(865KB)413Ming-Yeu Wang, Benjamin J.C. Yuan, Chen-Chien Wang
Jun-1999[Human Resources]Developing International Competence for Competitive Advantage: The Case of Taiwan Companies(1,142KB)437Bih-Shiaw Jaw
Jun-1999[Marketing Management]Channel Evolution and Institutional Change in China(765KB)467Li Sun, Yingchan E Tang
Jun-1999[Other]A Case Study of Forcartex’s System Development and Project Management(536KB)489Jen-Her Wu, San-Shuenn Lin, Tse-Chih Hsia
Jun-1999[Production management]China Motor Corporation: Managing Strategy of Japanese Manufacturing Techniques(584KB)505Chih-Yuan Chen
Sep-1999[Other]The Relationship Among Consumer Religiosity, Values and Store Selection Criteria(814KB)771Ming-Yih Yeh
Sep-1999[Marketing Management]A Case Study of Service Quality and Marketing Strategy on Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts(897KB)795Tai-Hwa Chow, Dong-Jenn Yang
Sep-1999[Marketing Management]Relationship Marketing Strategies of Life Insurance Firms in Taiwan and Their Association with Marketing Performance(967KB)821Yaolung J. Hsieh
Sep-1999[Econometric Analysis]Competitive Market Structure Analysis: Estimating the Loyality and Potential Switching Proportions at the Submarket Level(920KB)849Chinho Lin, Feng-Pin Chio
Sep-1999[Econometric Analysis]Strategy Development Using Fuzzy Set Theory: A Case Study of Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung(718KB)907Gau-Ching Ken
Sep-1999[Other]Interface Between Government, Business, and Academics(344KB)933
Sep-1999[Other]Interfaces Between Sociology and Management(329KB)943
Sep-1999[Other]How to Establish a Responsibility Center System – Case Study on a Public Teaching Hospital(959KB)953Shuen-Zen Liu, Chih-Liang Yaung
Sep-1999[Other]A Case Study of Cooperation between Academy and Wooden Industry in Air-Pollution-Control Equipment Improvement(557KB)983Chi-Jen Chen, Leonard F.S. Wang
Dec-1999[Other]An Empirical Study of the Relationship Between Ethical Evaluation, Ethical Judgment and Behavior Intention(875KB)1025Song Chen, Ming-Tien Tasi
Dec-1999[Organization Management]The Study on the Relationship among Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Examination of Different Theoretic(870KB)1049Cheng-Chen Lin
Dec-1999[Other]Culture Management: Classification of Aboriginal Culture Exhibition in Taiwan(1,541KB)1075Cheng-Yuan Wei, Jing-De You, Yuh-Yuan Tsai
Dec-1999[Organization Management]Leadership Behaviors, Power Bases, and Influence Tactics of Managers among Taiwanese, American, Japanese Firms in Taiwan: A comparative Study(1,038KB)1115Chuen-Jyi Horng
Dec-1999[Organization Management]The Ecology of Personal Computer Industry in Taiwan- A Perspective of Open Organizational Theory(1,025KB)1147Mu-Lan Hsu, Rong-An Shang, Chieh-Wen Sheng, Chung-Chu Liu
Dec-1999[Econometric Analysis]The Development of a Brand Equity Measurement Scale for Consumer Products─Customer Based Perspective(875KB)1175Cheng-Hsui Chen, Shun-Ching Horng
Sep-1999[Organization Management]A Cross Cultural Model of Ethical Dilemmas in Organizational Development(385KB)539Louis P. White, Long W. Lam / Gary Hu
Sep-1999[Organization Management]Managing Conflict In A Multicultural World Through Communication Strategies(352KB)555Erika Vora / Jay A. Vora
Sep-1999[Organization Management]The Changing Pattern of Diversification Strategy of Business Group in Taiwan(677KB)689Wenyi Chu
Sep-1999[Organization Management]Application of Strategic Management in Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study of the U.S. EEOC(545KB)713Lee-joy Cheng
Sep-1999[Organization Management]Executive Succession And Organizational Changes(521KB)733Michael L.A. Hsu