Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2007[Strategic management]Firm Growth, Strategic Choice and Strategic Change(1,126KB)11Shih-Chang Hung、Danchi Tan、Hsiao-Ching Liao
Mar-2007[Strategic management]The Impact of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Innovation and Diversification Strategies as well as on Performance: R&D-Intensive Industry(1,051KB)37Jung-Hua Hung、Hsiang-Ju Chen、Hui-Chen Lin
Mar-2007[Organization Management]On the Relationships of the Participation in Decision Making of the Supply Chain Member and Manufacturing Executives, Information Technology Application, and Organizational Performance(1,097KB)61Chinho Lin、Hojung Tseng、Yenming Chu
Mar-2007[Production management]Dynamic Design and Analysis for A Synchronized production System(1,047KB)95Ya-tsai Tseng、Yi-ming Tu
Mar-2007[Information Management]Adoption Difficulties of Inter-Organizational Information Systems at Small and Medium Enterprises in Taiwan:A Conceptual Analysis(1,039KB)117Shin-Horng Chen、Yen-Ping Chi
Mar-2007[Organization Management]The Impact of Position-Specific Factors and Staffing Orientation on Staffing Decisions for High-Level Managers at Subsidiaries – The Case of Taiwanese Firms in China(1,101KB)143Hsiao-Han Sophie Tsou、Chwo-Ming Joseph Yu、Dahhsian William Seetoo
Mar-2007[Financial Management]A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Open-market Share Repurchase: Based on the Viewpoint of Asymmetric Information(1,028KB)175I-Chun Tsai、Ming-Chi Chen、Ta Ma
Mar-2007[Organization Management]Development and Evaluation of Sales Action Control Scale(1,052KB)197Yen-Yi Chung、Ching-Yuan Chen
Jun-2007[Accounting]Auditor’s Independence and Audit Decision(4,250KB)245Ruey-Ji Guo、Yang-Tzong Tsay、Taychang Wang
Jun-2007[Financial Management]Liquidity and Trading Costs in the NTD/USD Interbank Foreign Exchange Market: Taipei versus Cosmos Inc.(2,311KB)299Yuan-Chen Chang
Jun-2007[Financial Management]Estimating the Term Structure of Interest Rates with Maximum Smoothness and Accuracy(3,165KB)323Jian-Hsin Chou、Zhen-Yu Chen
Jun-2007[Financial Management]The Research of International Transfer Pricing Decision and Performance-Empirical Analysis of Taiwan Multi-National Corporations(4,390KB)357Jinnder Chang
Jun-2007[Accounting]A Study of the Impact of Abnormal Financial Earnings on Firm Value:A Perspective of After-tax Valuation(4,692KB)393Song-Horng Lin、Jui-Ching Huang
Jun-2007[Human Resources]International Human Resource Strategy in Taiwan-Invested Enterprises in(3,332KB)433Chen-Ming Chu、Kung-Don Ye、Hsiu-Hua Hu
Jun-2007[Organization Management]The Simultaneous Effects of Fit With Organizations, Groups, and Jobs on Job Satisfaction: A Case Involving the Food and Beverage Employees of the Hotel Industry in Taiwan(3,694KB)465Pei-Wen Huang
Sep-2007[Financial Management]The Profitability and the Determinants of Momentum Investment Strategy(3,503KB)515Mao-Wei Hung、Yi-Mien Lin、Chih-Liang Liu
Sep-2007[Financial Management]Evidence of Market Responses to Tax-Induced Earnings Management(4,397KB)547Gai-Neng Lin、Wan-Cheng Wang
Sep-2007[Financial Management]Asymmetric Effects in the Conditional Distribution of the Equity Returns(3,991KB)579Jin-Ray Lu、Yi-Chen Han
Sep-2007[Financial Management]Persistence in Real Exchange Rates: An Empirical Examination(5,743KB)613Ming-jen Chang
Sep-2007[Information Management]Interpreting the Difficulties of Inter-Organizational Systems Adoption in Taiwanese PC Company: A Contextualist Perspective(3,493KB)637Eugenia Y. Huang、Shin-Horng Chen
Sep-2007[Information Management]Using Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique (ZMET) to Establish Consensus Map for Online Role Playing Game Players(4,184KB)667Ming-Te Liu、Zhi-Guang Fang、Yuh-Shihng Chang、Pei-Rue Shieh
Dec-2007[Financial Management]The Fad Investing on Initial Public Offerings(4,268KB)713Chao-Shi Wang,Roger C. Y. Chen,Anlin Chen
Dec-2007[Financial Management]Influences of Integration of Individual and Corporate Taxes on Corporate Financing Decisions(3,080KB)751Jung-Hua Hung,Tzu-Yun Tseng,Chien-Wei Wu
Dec-2007[Financial Management]Term Structure Fitting Models and Bond Trading Strategies(5,286KB)779Jian-Hsin Chou,Hong-Fwu Yu,Chia-Hsuan Liu
Dec-2007[Financial Management]A New Margining System for Portfolios that Include Stock Options: Theory and Comparison(4,022KB)817Derming Lieu,Liang-Ann Tai
Dec-2007[Strategic management]The Strategic Evolution Perspective on a Process Model of Strategic Business Exit from a Multinational Firm(3,318KB)855Tsuen-Ho Hsu,Dong-Jenn Yang,Tsang-Chieh Lee
Dec-2007[Organization Management]The Impacts of Social Network on the Tendency to Turnover(4,155KB)885Jar-Der Luo,Meng-Yu Cheng
Dec-2007[Human Resources]The Moderating Effects of Personal Stress Management on Job Stress, Adjustment, and Job Attitude:Taiwanese Expatriates(3,519KB)11Ming-Chu Yu
Dec-2007[Human Resources]SUBSIDIARY’S STRATEGIC CONTROL AND ITS CROSS-CULTURAL DETERMINANTS(4,570KB)39Bih-Shiaw Jaw, Christina Yu-Ping Wang, White, Louis P.
Dec-2007[Human Resources]Effectiveness of Outsourced Training: Determinants and Moderators(2,754KB)79Jyh-Jer Roger Ko
Dec-2007[Organization Management]Family Control, CEO Power and CEO Succession in Taiwan’s Public Companies(4,612KB)103Yunshi Liu
Dec-2007[Organization Management]Managing Ethical Dilemmas in Non-Profit Organizations(2,983KB)139David A. Robinson,Kuang S. Yeh
Dec-2007[Production management]Applying DEA Approach to Identify Benchmarking Objectives and Partners in the World Steel Industry(5,203KB)161Wann-Yih Wu, Shu-Mei Lin, Hsuan-Jen Huang