Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2006[Marketing Management]The Optimal Resources Allocation between Product Value Creation and Marketing Value Appropriation Activities in High-Tech Industry(640KB)11Jen, Lichung、Lin, Ting-Ling、Chen, Ching-I、Lee, Ji-Ren
Mar-2006[Organization Management]Intellectual Capital, Value Creation and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Taiwanese Industries(1,082KB)43Chaur-Shiuh Young
Mar-2006[Strategic management]Business Entrepreneurship and Growth:A Comparative Case Study(817KB)79Shih-Chang Hung、Bih-Feng Tsai
Mar-2006[Organization Management]Configurating the Internationalization Behaviors of Taiwanese SMEs in the Industrial Ecology Viewpoint by Conceptual Typology Approach - Four Manufacturing Industries in Vietnam(945KB)119Hsiang-Lin Cheng、Pei-How Huang、D. Stephen Tsai
Mar-2006[Strategic management]Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Evaluating the Performance of Machinery Industrial Development Strategies in Taiwan(1,148KB)161Chien-Pin Wang、Benjamin J.C. Yuan、Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
Mar-2006[Strategic management]The Impact of Host-Country Industry Cluster and Entry Motivation on the Entry Mode Selection and Overseas Performance: An Empirical Study toward Taiwan-owned European MNCs(559KB)193David D. C. Tarn、Cheng-Nan Chen
Mar-2006[E-commerce]The Study on Organization Coordination Mechanisms Using the Networking Perspective and Proposition Development- Example of e-Commerce Traveling Business(680KB)229Tang Jenn、Chang Shao-Shiun、Chang Huay
Mar-2006[Organization Management]Exploring VMI and international Supply Chains: A Case of Fastener Industry(657KB)271Yi Ming Tu、Chun Fu Ho、Rodney Teng
Jun-2006[Organization Management]Industrial Cluster, Firm’s Behavior, and Organizational Performance – An Empirical Study of Taiwan’s High-Tech Industries(573KB)315Chung-Jen Chen、Yang-Lung Chang
Jun-2006[Organization Management]The Study of Organizational Factors on the Performance of Cross Function Team in Research Institutes(484KB)339Yun Ken、Li Shih Hsieh
Jun-2006[Knowledge Management]Effects of Information Distribution and Interaction types on Group Consensus and Performance(575KB)367Yi-In Lee、Jen-shou Yang
Jun-2006[Strategic management]The Determinants of Decision-making Autonomy of Taiwanese Firm’s Subsidiaries in China(519KB)397Ming-Kung Joseph Liao、Chwo-Ming Yu、D. H. William Seetoo
Jun-2006[Information Management]The Importance of Fit among Market Orientation, Learning Orientation, and Quality Orientation in TQM ─An Example from Software Industry(501KB)429Eric T.G. WangHsiao-Lan WeiJessica H.F. Chen
Jun-2006[Marketing Management]The Effects of Firm Characteristics and Host Country Characteristics on Standardization Strategy and International Marketing Performance(519KB)451Paul C. S. Wu、Shun-Ching Horng
Jun-2006[Marketing Management]The effect of affective states and the delays at different phases of a service delivery on the perceived waiting time(558KB)487Jacob Y.H. Jou、Yu-Ying Huang、Hua-Ning Chen、Jun-Ming Yang
Jun-2006[E-commerce]The Impact of Customer Value on Customer Relationship Quality: An Empirical Study of Online Shopping(552KB)517Pui Lai To、Rui-Nan Chen
Sep-2006[Accounting]Overconfidence and Trading Behavior in Stock Market- An Empirical Study on Securities Firms in Taiwan(602KB)569Yong-Chin Liu、Jung-Hua Hung
Sep-2006[Financial Management]Information, Noise, and the Performance of IPO(772KB)605Roger C. Y. Chen、Chao-Shi Wang、Hui-Wen Tang
Sep-2006[Financial Management]The Impact of Stock Market Performance on the Firm’s Value and Capital Structure: An Empirical Study of the Taiwan Governmental Change(1,370KB)639Lie-Huey Wang
Sep-2006[Financial Management]The Optimal Control of Corporate Pension Funding:A Study of Defined Contribution Pension Plan(490KB)669Tzu-Wei Wang、Yueh H. Chen
Sep-2006[Accounting]The Measurement Unit of Auditor Industry Expertise in Taiwan(588KB)685Jengfang Chen、Chihua Li
Sep-2006[Human Resources]An Exploratory Study of Factors Affecting Banking Managers’ Perception on the Managerial Competency Assessment System(1,089KB)713Wen-Jeng Lin、Kuo-Hung Teng、Li-Hwa Liu
Sep-2006[Other]The Relationship among Organizational Characteristics, Management Style, and Nursing Home Quality(3,180KB)751Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh
Dec-2006[E-commerce]The Availability of Internet Outlets and Monopolistic Manufacturers’ Optimal Product and Channel Strategies in a Digital Good Industry(727KB)807Shan-Yu Chou、Chih-Yung Chang、Lu Hsiao
Dec-2006[Strategic management]The Developments of E-Commerce Business Model and Operational Strategies from Experience Economy Perspective(694KB)847Hsi-Peng Lu、Chuan-Chuan Lin、Chin-Lung Hsu、Ming-Ren Lee
Dec-2006[Knowledge Management]The Enhancement of Product Development Capabilities in OEM/ODM Alliances: Knowledge Management Process Perspective(634KB)881Yen-Tsung Huang
Dec-2006[Strategic management]Evolution of Strategic Group Structures(1,083KB)915Hsien-Jui Chung、Chun-Chung Chen
Dec-2006[Organization Management]Charismatic,Paternalistic,and Virtue Leadership and Follower Effects(1,127KB)939Ying-Fang Su、Jason Huang
Dec-2006[Organization Management]The interactive effects of job demand and job control on employees’adjustment: The role of self-monitoring(534KB)969Shao-Lung Lin
Dec-2006[Econometric Analysis]Construction of Reliability Prediction Model by Using the Hierarchical Bayesian Approach(958KB)995Chin-Chou Chiu、Chun Yuan Yu、Chih-Yi Liaw、Ling Jing Kao