Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2014[Financial Management]The Impact of Privatization on Loan Conditions(1,257KB)11Chou-Yen Wu, Yuanchen Chang
Mar-2014[Financial Management]Business Relationship and Information Effects of Share Repurchases on Stockholders’ Wealth(512KB)55Tsung-Kang Chen, Hsien-Hsing Liao, Hui-Ju Kuo, Yun-Yi Chien
Mar-2014[Financial Management]Financial Constraints, Executive Compensations and Large Shareholders in Malaysia(350KB)83宋素音
Mar-2014[Financial Management]Two-Period Revenue Surprises and Investor Sentiment in Taiwan(648KB)115Hsiao-Peng Fu, Sheng-Hung Chen
Mar-2014[Financial Management]Information Demand, Web Search Behavior, and Speculative Trading Activity(451KB)157Tzu-Lun Huang, Kuan-Ling Lai, Miao-Ling Chen, Hsiou-Jen Kuo
Jun-2014[Information Management]Understanding Users’ Continuance Intention of Facebook Fan Pages: The Social Capital Perspective(573KB)205Shih-Chih Chen,Chih-Hung Wu,Yen-Chun Jim Wu,Jing Chen
Jun-2014[Marketing Management]The Impact of Relationship Bonds on Adaptive Selling, Relationship Quality and Job Satisfaction on Key Account Management(874KB)271Shyh-Ming Huang,Tai-Kuei Yu
Jun-2014[Other]Innovating under Disadvantages: Bricolage Behaviors in van Gogh Art Curation(817KB)323Ruey-Lin Hsiao,Su-Hua Ou,Hui-Fen Chen
Jun-2014[Human Resources]Delivering Superior Customer Service through Dual-level Transformational Leadership: a Multi-level, Multi-source Test of the Moderating Role of LMX Differentiation(756KB)369Liang-Chieh Weng
Sep-2014[Organization Management]A Cross-Level Research of Personality Trait on Organizational Citizenship Behaviors through Organizational Commitment for Public Sector: Transformational(681KB)429Joseph Liao,Fur-Hsing Wen,Mei-Chih Tang
Sep-2014[Human Resources]Career Management and Career Advancement in China-the Moderating and Mediating Effect of Mentoring(340KB)469Ming-Chu Yu,Meng-Hsiu Lee
Sep-2014[Marketing Management]Developing and Validating a Brand Orientation Scale(602KB)504Yen-Tsung Huang,Ya-Ling Tseng
Sep-2014[Accounting]Application of DEMATEL and ANP to the R&D Project Selection(952KB)543Gwo-Tsuen Jou,Benjamin J. C. Yuan
Sep-2014[Accounting]Switching Exchange Listings and Market Liquidity(928KB)573Chong-Chuo Chang,Hsien-Yi Chen,Nai-Jing Chen
Sep-2014[Accounting]Green Communication: The Roles of Time Frame, Message Characteristics and Personal Traits in Consumers’ Attitudes toward the Green Product(480KB)623Kun-Chang Hsieh,Tzu-Yin Lee,Yung-Cheng Shen
Dec-2014[Accounting]Pricing and Hedging Strategies of Vulnerable Black-Scholes Option on Defaultable(423KB)673Chang-Chih Chen, Chia-Chien Chang, Chou-Wen Wang, So-De Shyu
Dec-2014[Financial Management]Does 921 Earthquake Have Asymmetric and Structural Changes on Taiwan’s Stock Returns?(2,172KB)711Chun-Li Tsai, Su-Yi Chen, Chih-Chin Ho
Dec-2014[Financial Management]CEO Overconfidence and Open-Market Stock Repurchases(671KB)759Ya-Wei Wang, Lee-Young Cheng, Han-Xing You, Hui-Chen Wu
Dec-2014[Strategic management]Exploration and Exploitation in Strategic Entrepreneurship: Lessons from China Steel(568KB)793Cheng-Guey Lin, Hsin-Hong Kang
Dec-2014[Marketing Management]The Optimal Strategy of the Online Advertising Platform Selection for Duopolists under the “Cost-per-Action” Mechanism(590KB)827Lu Hsiao, I-Huei Wu, Che-Chuan Wu
Dec-2014[Technology Management]Easier Said Than Done: Exploring e-Learning Failure Case Based on Theory-in-Use Perspective(912KB)857Tsai-Hsin Chu, Ching-Fang Lee, Chih-Chia Hsu