Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-1994[Information Management]Enterprise Modeling and Decision Support(1,302KB)1Sulin Ba、Karl Reiner Lang、Andrew B. Whinston
Mar-1994[Information Management]A Research Framework for Decision Support Systems(741KB)38Ting-Peng Liang
Mar-1994[Information Management]Environmental Information Management in West European Countries(669KB)60Ching-Shyang Hwang
Mar-1994[Technology Management]Evaluating the Cost Impact of Forecast Errors and Cost Structure Sensitivity Analysis under Various Product Structures for MRP(614KB)79T.S. Lee、Everett E. Adam, Jr.
Mar-1994[Organization Management]Network Structures of Textile Industry in Taiwan(729KB)102Kuang S. Yeh、Dun-Hou Tsai、Jeun-Sen Wang
Mar-1994[Organization Management]A Study of Intellectual Skill Formation Systems among Emoployees in Taiwanese Companies: Case Study of Machining Operations in Machine Tool Industry(785KB)122Ren-Jye Liu、Lih-Shiang Chen
Jun-1994[Other]Application of AHP Method and Fuzzy MADM to The Evaluation of Bus System Performance(576KB)1Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng、Rong-Tsu Wang
Jun-1994[Organization Management]Improving the Aggregate Efficient of Multi-unit Organizations Via Resource Allocation(395KB)18Chiang Kao、Chung-Kuang Kao
Jun-1994[Financial Management]The Selection of Efficient Sets and Performance Evaluation of International Stock Markets(612KB)29Sode David Shyu、Chen-Lean Hon
Jun-1994[Organization Management]A Study on the Relationship between Organizational Members’ Cognitive Styles and Their Perception of Problems(986KB)46Shu-Cheng Chi
Jun-1994[Organization Management]A Study on the Relationship of High-Level Executives’ Individual Attributes, Enterprise Characteristics and Crisis Consciousness(1,086KB)68Chiang Hsu
Jun-1994[Human Resources]The Intra-industry Turnover of Manufacturing Employee under the Change of Industrial Structure(739KB)97Ing-Chung Huang、Bih-Shiaw Jaw、Ching-Hua Sung
Sep-1994[Financial Management]Offshore Money Market Integration-Evidence of the U. S. Dollar Yields in Taiwan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom(559KB)1Antsong Lin、Shirley Leu
Sep-1994[Financial Management]Taiwan’s Acquiring Firm Characteristics and its Medium of Exchange(1,028KB)14Simmon H. Yen、Hong Ming Yang
Sep-1994[Strategic management]Competitive Strategies for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies-An Empirical Study in Taiwan(516KB)45F.S. Chou、Chinho Lin
Sep-1994[Strategic management]The Layer-Framework of Strategic Use of Information Technology: How to Gain Competitive Advantage from Information Technology(716KB)60Wei-Liang Chang
Sep-1994[Information Management]Selecting Appropriate Transferring Mode for Government Research Projects-An Example of Electronic & Information Industry(889KB)74Hui-Yun Yu
Sep-1994[Technology Management]A Prescriptive Experiment in Dynamic Complexity Task: Learning Laboratory, Systems Thinking, and Dissociation Between Performance and Learning(1,185KB)93Sy-Feng Wang
Dec-1994[Strategic management]The "C" Theory : A Chinese Philosophical Approach to Management and Decision-Making(1,051KB)1Chung-Ying Cheng
Dec-1994[Organization Management]The Relationship of Task Environment, Organizational Structure and Organizational Effectiveness(1,528KB)21Yung-Ching Ho
Dec-1994[Organization Management]A Study on the Problems of Organizational Growth of Family Business in Taiwan: Socio-Cultural Aspect and the Phenomena of Autonomous Obstruction to Size(774KB)55Ghi-Feng Yen
Dec-1994[Information Management]National Innovation in Information Age(1,375KB)69Jimming Lin
Dec-1994[Organization Management]The Fit of corporate Technology Strategy and Government S&T Policy to the Corporate Technology Innovation Performance(552KB)95Min-Sun Wuang
Dec-1994[Organization Management]Technology Transfer、Diffusion And Communication: A Conceptual Clarification(913KB)111Hsing-Chau Tseng