Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-1995[Other]Knapsack-Based Approaches for Scheduling Unrelated Parallel Processors(335KB)1Chang-Yung Liu, Hochi Hwang
Mar-1995[Financial Management]Senior Executives Perceptions and Control of Risk in Capital Investment Decisisus: Taiwan Perspectives(6,928KB)10Simon S. M. Ho, Lloyd C. L. Yang, Henry Y. Lo
Mar-1995[Financial Management]The Estimation of Systematic Risk with Daily Data(796KB)27Yen-Sheng Huang
Mar-1995[Financial Management]The Impact of Trading Mechanisms on the Stock Prices in Taiwan Stock Exchange(1,080KB)51Jiun-Fei Chiou, Victor W. Liu, Chin-Shun Wu
Mar-1995[Marketing Management]The Effects of Reference Price on Consumer Behavior(1,040KB)80Chung-Chau Chang, Li-Wen Kao
Mar-1995[Econometric Analysis]An Application of Regression Analysis on Demand Forecasting for Taiwans Mobile Phones(6,358KB)108Hsin-Hong Kang, Pin-Chaur Hsieh
Mar-1995[Information Management]A Study of Conflict in Information System Development Life Cycle(963KB)126Tung-Ching Lin, Chen-Fenn Huang
Jun-1995[Other]Warranties as Signal of Quality-A Consumer-side Experimental Examination(8,991KB)1Shun-Ching Horng, Her-Shih Chueh
Jun-1995[Other]An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Government R&D Tax Credits(6,299KB)24Jiann-Chyuan Wang, Homin Chen
Jun-1995[Financial Management]The Impact of Corporate Financing Announcements on Stocks in Taiwans Securities Market(709KB)41Feng-Yu Ni, J. W. Wu, Chin-Shun Wu
Jun-1995[Financial Management]The Selling Choice of Existing Shareholders in New Equity Offerings(456KB)63Timothy H. Lin, Deng-Yung Chou
Jun-1995[Financial Management]The Impact of Foreigner Investment Opening Policy on the Taiwan Stock Market: An Application if the Intervention Model(445KB)73Y. J. James Goo
Jun-1995[Other]Individual Differences in Sticking to a Task Strategy(825KB)85Heh J. Huang, John B. Cullen
Sep-1995[Other]International Money Market Integration: An Application of GARCH Model with Consideration of Missing Data(5,739KB)1Antsong Lin, Chung-Hua Shen
Sep-1995[Organization Management]A Study on the Link between Moral Values and Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention(736KB)15Quey-Jen Yeh
Sep-1995[Other]Interrelationships between Personal Traits, Lifestyles, Leisure Preferences, and Consuming Behaviors for College Students(9,574KB)30Wann-Yih Wu, Shu-Hui Chen
Sep-1995[Marketing Management]A Study on Key Factors That Affect Metropolitans Behavior When Choosing a Hospital and Hospital Marketing-In the Case of Kaohsiung Metropolis(788KB)55Ming-Rea Kao, Dong-Jenn Yang
Sep-1995[Strategic management]The Relations of Taiwan Investments Management in Mainland with International Competition Strategies for Bicycle Industry(7,418KB)74Jer-San Hu, Mei-Yuh Chen
Sep-1995[Information Management]Development of Group CAI Environment(1,540KB)92Nian-shing Chen, Ting-peng Liang, Jin-shiang Huang
Sep-1995[Other]The Analysis and Optmization for a kind of Repairable Fork- Join Queueing Network (RFJQN)(2,003KB)116De-Li Yang, Lianyu Ding
Dec-1995[Financial Management]Using the Credit Scoring Model to Evaluate the Default Risk of Bank Clients(8,672KB)1Jing-Twen Chen
Dec-1995[Financial Management]The Risk/Return Profile of High-Tech Investments: The Case of Venture Capital(7,307KB)24Timoth H. Lin, Jen-Chieh Huang
Dec-1995[Human Resources]The Impact of Management Style on the Perceived Job Characteristics of R&D Professionals: A LISREL Model(1,046KB)42Quey-Jeh Yeh
Dec-1995[Human Resources]The Interactive Effects of Education Level, Length of Service and Gender on Wage Determinant(4,877KB)64Tung-Chun Huang
Dec-1995[Other]People-Based Service Encounters: An Exploratory Model(933KB)76Cheng-Yuan Wei
Dec-1995[Production management]A Research on the Relationships between Early Manufacturing Involvement in New Product Development and Manufacturing Performance-Empirical Research on Taiwans Auto-Parts Industry(642KB)96Shyh-Bao Lai, Kuo-Kuei Chung
Dec-1995[Technology Management]Technological Accumulation versus Technological Innovation-A New Approach of Chinese Firms Technological Innovation from Technological Accumulation Dimension(4,970KB)112Jiaji Fu, Peigong Shi
Dec-1995[Other]A Heuristic Solution to the Total Tardy Cost of An M-Machine Nonpreemptive Open-Shop Schedule(732KB)122Hsueh-foo Lin