Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2008[Production management]The Effect of Collaboration Operations and Business Characteristics on Supply Chain Management Performance(4,009KB)9Hsin Hsin ChangSu-Chao ChangHui-Eng Tong
Mar-2008[Organization Management]The Relationship between Internationalization and Corporate Governance in Taiwan High-Technology Listed Corporations(3,325KB)51Yunshi Liu、Wen-Ting Lin
Mar-2008[Organization Management]Study on the relationship between cross-level social networks and performance of SME(3,501KB)83Shyh-Rong FangWen-Hsien ChangZeng-Zhi Lin
Mar-2008[Marketing Management]A Study into the Antecedent, Mediator and Moderator of Customer Retention Behavior from CRM’s Perspective(3,272KB)119Hsi-An Shih、Hui-Chun Chan、Kuo-Ming Chu、Jun-Ying Huang
Mar-2008[Marketing Management]Relationship Quality and Customer Purchase Behavior: Decision-making Uncertainty as Dual Roles of the Moderator and Mediator(2,900KB)149Tsung-Chi Liu、Li-Wei Wu
Mar-2008[Organization Management]Strategic Moving Path and Performance--An Empirical Study of the Semiconductor Industry in Taiwan(3,622KB)175Sue-Ming Hsu、Yung-Ting Yang
Jun-2008[Other]A Study of Hot Research Topics in The Field of General Management(2,212KB)221Shih-Chang Hung、Shyh-Jer Chen、Chu-Yen Lin、Ming-Fen Tu
Jun-2008[Organization Management]1988-2007:Review and Perspective of Family Business in Mainland China(3,193KB)247Xin-Chun Li、Xuan-Yu Wang
Jun-2008[Other]Strategic Management Research in Mainland China: Current Status and Future Prospects(1,999KB)279Shu-jun Zhang、Jay B. Barney
Jun-2008[Other]Literature Review and Trend Analysis on Retailing Research in China(2,793KB)295Jane Peihsun Wu、Yehong Wu
Jun-2008[Other]A New Approach in Entrepreneurship Research: Application of Narrative Inquiry(2,957KB)321Dun-Hou Tsai、Shang-Jen Li、Shao-Yi Lin
Jun-2008[Other]Review and Foresight of Research for the Natural Environmental Management on Business(3,821KB)351Ming-Rea Kao、Yi-Chun Huang、Nai-Jen Chang、I-Lun Tsai
Sep-2008[Financial Management]A Study of Influence of Different Auction Mechanism to No-performing Assets(3,772KB)401Fang-Chi Peng、Chin-Oh Chang、Ming-Chi Chen
Sep-2008[Production management]Applying Fuzzy AHP to Comparison of Expert Judgments: An Empirical Study of Technology Projects in Taiwan(4,433KB)429Chi-Cheng Huang、Pin-Yu Chu、Yu-Hsiu Chiang
Sep-2008[Financial Management]On the Research of Default Risk Model of Consume Credit Loan-Using CART(Classification and Regression Tree)(5,752KB)465Te-Hsin Liang、Chien-Liang Yeh
Sep-2008[Financial Management]The Relationship between Ownership Structure and Extreme Risk for the Firms Listed on the TSEC: A Quantile Regression Analysis(4,672KB)507Andy Chien、Horace Chueh
Sep-2008[Other]The Impact of Relationship Quality and Relational Benefit on Customer Loyalty in Healthcare Industry(4,309KB)543Rhay-Hung Weng、Ching-Yuan Huang、Pe-Song Chiu
Sep-2008[Strategic management]The Impact of Technology, Firm and CEO Characteristics on Mainland China Market Entry Mode Choice(5,056KB)575Shih-Chieh Chen、Wen-Ruey Lee、Hsiu-Hua Hu、Chi-Jui Huang、Lu-Jui Chen
Dec-2008[Accounting]An Equilibrium Analysis of Auditor Tenure and Audit Quality under Asymmetric Information(4,495KB)631Taychang Wang、Yijie Tseng、Chiawen Liu
Dec-2008[Accounting]Employee bonus, corporate governance, and future performance(4,934KB)671Chung-Yuan Hsu、Chao-Jung Chen
Dec-2008[Accounting]The Impact of Management Characteristics on Firm Performance(6,217KB)703Hsiu-Feng Lin、Jan-Zan Lee
Dec-2008[Accounting]Adopting the Perspective of Elaboration Likelihood Model to Discuss Common Measures Bias-Using Balanced Scorecard as an Example(5,076KB)743Yeun-Wen Chang、Chun-Ju Fang、Wen-Hua Shen、Yi-Ting Luo
Dec-2008[Accounting]Corporate Governance, Financial Health and Business Values:An Empirical Study with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines(5,344KB)787Miao-Que Lin、Yi-Yin Yen、Hsueh-Fang Chen
Dec-2008[Accounting]Controlling Accounting Conservatism and Earnings Growth to Estimate the Implied Cost of Equity Capital(4,125KB)823Huoshu Peng、Mei-Hui Chen
Dec-2008[Accounting]Asymmetric timeliness of earnings and board of directors’ profit sharing remuneration(5,753KB)851Audrey Wen-hsin Hsu、Ann Chan