Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2016[Human Resources]The Correlation between Personal Intelligent and Blog Success(489KB)15Tzu-Min Lin, Mu-Heng Lee, Yun-Ru Chen, Mei-Juan Lai
Mar-2016[Information Management]Applying User's Psychological Characteristics, SIDE and Containment to Explore the Antecedents of Online Disinhibition(695KB)41Kuei-Ing Wang*, Jou-Fan Shih
Mar-2016[Marketing Management]The Study of Social Identification Effect of Reference Group on Individual Consumer’s Internet Group Purchasing Strategy(705KB)77Chi-Yun Chiang, Chia-Hung Hsieh, Hui-Chen Juan
Mar-2016[Marketing Management]The Mental Simulation Process of Sensory Layer on Product Evaluation(1,602KB)115 Chih-Hui Shieh
Mar-2016[Accounting]The Impact of Auditors Industrial Attestation Experience and Audit Workload on Audit Quality: Evidence from Restatements(798KB)153Chieh-Shuo Chen, Kuo-Chih Cheng, Hsiang-Ting Kang
Mar-2016[Financial Management]Do Stock Price Bubbles Affect the Predictability of Stock Returns Through Earnings? Evidence From the 1990s S&P Bubble Period(371KB)199Kuang-Fu Cheng
Jun-2016[Financial Management]Do Perks Matter? Evidence from Chinese Banks(797KB)245Hsiu-I Ting
Jun-2016[Financial Management]The Impact of CDS Trading on the Cost of Bank Loan(469KB)291Keng-Yu Ho, Yu-Jen Hsiao, Sin-Yi Huang
Jun-2016[Financial Management]Indebted We Stand-Examining Debt Restructuring in a Currency Union(335KB)323David Sun
Jun-2016[Financial Management]Do Rapid Reversals of Prior-Quarter Asset Impairment Recognition and the Strength of Corporate Governance Influence Earnings Quality?(643KB)357Lanfeng Kao, Shu-Yuan Jhuang
Sep-2016[Financial Management]The Relation between Politically Connected Board and Accounting Restatements(1,880KB)409Hsin-Yi Chi, Tzu-Ching Weng, Hsin-Yi Huang
Sep-2016[Financial Management]Accounting Conservatism and Corporate Governance in China Special Treatment Firms(2,865KB)447Yu-Shun Hung, Wei-Ting Huang
Sep-2016[Technology Management]Applying Independent Component Analysis and DEA to Measure Efficiencies of the Medium-size Semiconductor Packaging and Testing Companies in Taiwan(1,334KB)503Cheng-Chin Lu, Ling-Jing Kao, Hsin-Pin Fu
Sep-2016[Technology Management]Prioritizing R&D and Innovation Tax Credits: An AHP Survey(2,091KB)531Yuan-Chieh Chang, Min-Nan Chen, Chia-Ching Chen, Yuan-Po Lin
Sep-2016[Organization Management]Exploring Corporate Latent Intangible Assets in Firms' and Customers' Perceived Values: The Application of Natural Language Processing(1,895KB)565Yi-Ting Chen
Sep-2016[Organization Management]Competitive Environment, Business Relationships and Subsidiary Importance(1,011KB)609Lu-Jui Chen, Hung-Tai Tsou
Dec-2016[Case]Personal Information Leakage on eTrust Netbanking(2,758KB)663Shih-Yin Yu, Yea-Huey Su
Dec-2016[Case]Goiiz - E-commerce Marketing on Internet Social Networking Site(1,872KB)705Sheng-Han Yang, Syming Hwang
Dec-2016[Case]Gian-How Printing Co., Ltd.: New Business Model through Clouding Data Center & Combined Printing Technique(1,415KB)737Hui-Chen Chang, Yu-An Yeh
Dec-2016[Case]Advantech Corporation: Growth and Consolidation(2,699KB)761Hsueh-Liang Wu, Menghang Dong, Huei-Wen Pao
Dec-2016[Case]Is Customer Always Right-Membership Management of X Hotel(1,476KB)791Jessica H. F. Chen
Dec-2016[Case]Services-Galaxy Software Services Corporation-New-generation Customer Relationship(2,177KB)817Shu-Ming Tsaur
Dec-2016[Case]BankPro Corporation – Clicks-and-Mortar Platform Service Innovation(2,888KB)849Chun-Liang Chen, Yao-Chin Lin