Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2013[Financial Management]Portfolio-Based Margining Systems, Amelioration and Comparison: Evidence by TAIFEX Trading Data(758KB)11Wei-Ling Huang, Derming Lieu
Mar-2013[Production management]Exploring the Relationship Model between Total Quality Management Systems and Process Performance Based on Information Technology Capability(572KB)55Chung-Li Chou
Mar-2013[Other]Market Structure and Performance: Perspective from Network Analysis of Industry Structure(325KB)85Hsin-Yu Shih
Mar-2013[Financial Management]The Impact of Family Business Characteristics and Managers’ Overconfidence on Their Capital Structure Decisions(603KB)123Li Chang, Han-Fang Tsai, Tsui-Jung Lin, Yu-Hsuan Wang, Jung-Hua Hung
Mar-2013[Financial Management]A Pricing Model of Inflation-indexed Collateralized Debt Obligations(1,027KB)165Fen-Ying Chen, Hsing-Yu Peng
Mar-2013[Economic]The Impact of Board Experience on the Performance of Foreign Direct Investment: the Case of International Acquisition Announcements(593KB)199Li-Yu Chen, Jung-Ho Lai
Jun-2013[Financial Management]Impacts on Credit Default Swaps by Major Events of Financial Crisis(1,130KB)255Alex Yi-Hou Huang、Chung-Hua Shen、Chih-Chun Chen
Jun-2013[Financial Management]Share Collateralization by Directors and Corporate Governance(703KB)299Anlin Chen、Lanfeng Kao、Yi-Kai Chen、Wan-Yu Chen
Jun-2013[Other]Institutional Changes and New Organizational Forms Creation: The Emergence of the Disability Social Enterprises(1,050KB)339I-Lun Tsai、Ming-Rea Kao
Jun-2013[Other]The Footprints of Taiwan Industrial History-A Case of Umbrella Making Industry(854KB)369Chun-Huang Yang、Mei-Ya Wang、Mu-Lan Hsu
Jun-2013[Technology Management]Top Management Team Heterogeneity, Strategic Intent Aggressiveness, and Innovative Capabilities(428KB)413Jen-An Cheng
Sep-2013[Information Management]Is Service Quality Enough? The Impact of Customer Experience on Website Satisfaction(552KB)479Yi-Cheng Ku、Chia-Ying Li、Hsiang-Ling Huang
Sep-2013[Information Management]Exploring Driving Factors of Providing Online Social Support: An Example of PTT Anti-Cancer Board(585KB)511Shih-Chieh Hsu、Chao-Min Chiu、Yu-Wen Hung、Li-Huei Chen
Sep-2013[Financial Management]How Can Budget Control and Management Accounting System Improve Product Innovation Performance?(588KB)545Kuo-Chih Cheng、Mei-Ling Yang、Chin-Chun Su、Nien-Ju Ting
Sep-2013[Other]Relationships between Downward Influence Tactics, Upward Maintenance Tactics and Mentoring Benefits(747KB)579Yu-Chuan Tung、Yi-Ping Lin、Chia-Fen Wu
Sep-2013[Other]The Psychological Capital and Social Capital of Taiwanese Female Expatriate in China(603KB)625Tzu-Ming Lin、Yu-Chung Hsiao、Yu-Ling Huang
Sep-2013[Other]Inter-Organizational Imitative Behavior and Relationship-Specific Investment: The Moderating Effect of Performance Aspiration(457KB)661Wen-Tsung Hsu、Chun-Ju Wang
Dec-2013[Information Management]Continue or Discontinue? Cyber Literature Continuance Readership and the Effect of Addiction(585KB)705Y. M. Han, Jui-Chi Liu, C. K. Farn
Dec-2013[Information Management]Investigating The Interaction Between Positive Emotion And Decoy Effect on Consumer Decision Making(1,082KB)743Yu-Feng Huang, Wei-Ting Chen, Feng-Yang Kuo
Dec-2013[Financial Management]Constructs the Financial Institution Relationship of the Mortgage Valuation Model(596KB)769David So-De Hsyu, Chin-Ming Chen, Chih-Hsing Hung
Dec-2013[Financial Management]The Relation between R&D Assets of Taiwan’s Parent Firms and the Financial Performance of their Subsidiaries in Mainland China: The Moderating Role of Business Strategy(743KB)799Liu-Ching Tsai、Chaur-Shiuh Young、Chih-Wei Peng
Dec-2013[Other]High-Valued Innovation, Self-Branding and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of the Electronic Industry in Taiwan(524KB)853Phil Yi-Hsing Yang、Andrew Hong-Tien Chen