Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2003[Information Management]A Study of the Antecedents of Technology Acceptance from the Perspective of the Technology Duality Theory: Analysis of Structural Equation Modeling(1,203KB)15Ling-Ling Wu
Mar-2003[Financial Management]An Exchange Ratio Determination Model for Bank Mergers : Taiwan’s Case Studies(889KB)49Chau-Jung Kuo, Hsiao-Jung Chen, Hsiao-Ping Tsen
Mar-2003[Accounting]An Empirical Study in the Qualitative Characteristics and the Use of Government Financial Reporting(1,226KB)77Ju-Tzu Cheng, Chan-Jane Lin
Mar-2003[Financial Management]The Influence of Country and Industry Factors on International Diversification-Empirical Evidence from Asian Emerging Markets(1,053KB)107Shuh-Chyi Doong, Sheng-Yung Yang, Ming-Jing Yang, Yueh-Chih Hsieh
Mar-2003[Financial Management]The Effect of Surveillance System: Market Liquidity and Relationship between Liquidity & Excess Return(1,360KB)137Shu-Ling Lin, Yih-Hua Yen, Sou-Shan Wu, Gen-Long Hung
Mar-2003[Financial Management]The Internal and External Consistency on Credit Rating the Difference between Bankers and Security Analysis(824KB)177Min-Hua Kuo
Jun-2003[Organization Management]Performance Measurement in Military Education Sector-The Case of National Defense Management College(987KB)219Shinn Sun
Jun-2003[Production management]The Classification of Quality Management System-An Empirical Study for Bicycle Industry in Taiwan(1,052KB)251Ru-Ching Hsu
Jun-2003[Marketing Management]Word-of-Mouth Communication and It’s Effects on Consumer Buying Behavior: A Review(1,023KB)283Nai-Haw Lien, Shu-Fang Liu
Jun-2003[Strategic management]The Relationship between Types of Firm’s Resources and the Network Strategies of Internationalization: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Corporations’ Foreign Direct Investment(1,214KB)309Chi-Hsing Tseng
Jun-2003[Organization Management]Relationships between Family Control and Board Process in Taiwan’s Public Companies(994KB)341His-Mei Chung, Yun-Shi Liu, Kuang S. Yeh
Jun-2003[Accounting]The Effect of Increasing Passing Rate of CPA Exam on the cost Structure and Scale Economics in the Taiwan Audit Market(880KB)367Wen-Chih Lee, Tai-Cheng Shih, Yann-Ching Tsai
Sep-2003[Knowledge Management]The Impact of Organizational Culture and Knowledge Sharing Motivation on Knowledge Sharing(844KB)409Dan-Shang Wang, Chi-Lih Shyu
Sep-2003[Marketing Management]An Empirical Research on Managing the Promotion Alliance(1,103KB)433Shyh-Rong Fang, Shu-Kwan Hsu, Shih-Chiech Fang
Sep-2003[Marketing Management]New Product Preannouncement and Consumer’s Intention of Delay of Gratification: The Analysis of Perceived Opportunity Cost and Delay Times(1,042KB)463Hsuan-Hsuan Ku
Sep-2003[E-commerce]The Status and Decision Factors of Web Sites Privacy Disclosures(1,890KB)489Heng-Li Yang, Hsien-Kuei Chiu
Sep-2003[Information Management]The Study of Information Sharing for Time-based Competition: The Empirical Analysis on Supply Chain Information Integration in Taiwan IC Industry(1,569KB)533Fu-Ren Lin, Edward Lin
Sep-2003[Financial Management]The Optimal Investment Decision and Product Life Cycle-A Real Options Approach(717KB)571Szu-Lang Liao, Kun-Ming Chen, Tsong-Sung Cheng
Dec-2003[Financial Management]The Impact of Unexpected Change of Exchange Rate on Taiwan Stock Return and Volatility(1,088KB)613Li-Chuan Chou, Ching-Chung Lin, Sheng-Yuan Chen
Dec-2003[Marketing Management]The Relationship among Vanity Trait, Materialism and Compulsive Buying(1,506KB)641Ing-San Huang, Chung-Chau Chang, Wei-Lung Chang
Dec-2003[Marketing Management]The Comparison of Market Segment Variable on the Internet Marketing-Taking Web-Patronage as an Example(1,429KB)673Amy Y.L. Lin, Fong-Ling Fu, Jacob Y.H. Jou, Jannie Lee
Dec-2003[Technology Management]Using Scenario Analysis to Analyze the Financial Impact of Licensing Fees/Auctions Prices on Government Revenue and Operator Profitability in Taiwan(1,145KB)707Zon-Yau Lee, Joseph Z. Shyu, Hsiao-Cheng Yu, Shih-Chi Chang
Dec-2003[Technology Management]The Impact of Strategy Type and Role Ambiguity on Effectiveness of Budget Systems(672KB)739Jyh-Tay Su, Feng-Yu Ni
Dec-2003[Organization Management]The Study on the Influence of Power in Use upon Organizational Commitment(916KB)759Jyh-Jeng Wu, Su-Chao Chang, Chi-Cheng Lee, Hai-Huei Lee