Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-1996[Organization Management]Exploring Confidant Relationships of Business Managers(6,188KB)1Shu-Cheng Chi
Mar-1996[Other]The Decision Model for Evaluation the Technology Export Alternatives in Taiwan- The Case of Automation Industry(1,557KB)16Tai-Yue Wang, Yin-Chuan Chen
Mar-1996[Other]Studies on the Technology Strategy of Upstream LED Industry in Taiwan(7,856KB)42Shang-Jyh Liu, Chiung-Sheng Hsu
Mar-1996[Strategic management]The Impact on Performance for the Interaction between Manufacturing and Marketing from a Strategic Perspective-An Empirical Research of Electronic and Information Industry(11,510KB)63Shyh-Rong Fang
Mar-1996[Marketing Management]Interrelationships between Price Position, Promotion Strategies, Market Share and Profitability-An Empirical Study of Three Major Industries in Taiwan(9,477KB)89Jyh-Jeng Wu, Wann-Yih Wu, Su-Chao Chang
Mar-1996[Financial Management]An Empirical Study on the Interactions of Foreign Exchange Market and Stock Market in Taiwan-Simultaneous Equations Models(8,999KB)113Hsin-Hong Kang, Jia-Shyang Chu
Mar-1996[Financial Management]The Impact of Initiating Dividend Payments on Shareholders Wealth(8,119KB)135Long-Chi Chen, Her-Shih Chuei, Kuo-Cheng Huang, Hsyu-Huei Huang
Nov-1996[Other]The Four Dimensional Visual Information Universe: An Illustration(4,665KB)1Cheng Hsu, Lester Lee
Nov-1996[Information Management]Group Collaboration Effort in Information Systems Project(3,225KB)15Dien D. Phan
Nov-1996[Information Management]Obstacles and Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange: Hong Kong Experience(4,387KB)25Man Kit Chang, Tony C. K. Wong
Nov-1996[Accounting]A Security Valuation Study of Cash Flows and Accrual Earnings(5,720KB)35Shih-jen Kathy Ho
Nov-1996[Marketing Management]An Empirical Study of Service-based Customer Dissatisfaction: Sources and Consequences(3,757KB)51L. P. Douglas Tseng, Bruce L. Stern
Nov-1996[Financial Management]Daily U.S. Federal Funds Rate and Pacific Rim Stock Markets(2,675KB)63Daniel W.W. Cheung
Nov-1996[Econometric Analysis]A Link between Neural Networks and Mathematical programming(3,410KB)71Ray R. Tsaih
Nov-1996[Marketing Management]The Buying Behavior and Marketing Practices of Fast Food Market in Metro Manila, Philippines(7,004KB)79Kuang-Jung Chen