Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2012[Case]Calling or Business─The “Big Wang” Food Shop(807KB)13Chia-Wu Lin、Chien-Nan Chen、Yu-Yun Lin、Wan-Hsien Hu
Mar-2012[Case]The Challenge of Organizational Change: The Case of the First Commercial Bank(1,006KB)39Fan-Hua Kung、Cheng-Li Huang、Chia-Ling Cheng、Ferng-Chern Yang、Hua-Ling Lee
Mar-2012[Case]Growth Strategy at the 40th Anniversary, China Steel(1,355KB)65Yung-Jan Cho、Chi-Cheng Wu、Pei-Wen Fu
Mar-2012[Case]How to Manage Foreign Distributors and Agents-BESTA(710KB)93Hsiu-Ying Huang、Ming-Huei Hsieh
Mar-2012[Case]Building own brand to marketing internationally-the case of Johnson Heath Technology(562KB)115Arthur Cheng-Hsui Chen、Liang-Chin Chen
Mar-2012[Case]Website Branding in Online Shopping: The Case of PayEasy(948KB)135Jesheng Huang
Mar-2012[Marketing Management]“From blocks to digital scenarios”: The future of Gigo Toys(767KB)159I-Jen Chen、Min-Der Hsieh
Mar-2012[Technology Management]Actima Technology Corporation- Internal Control of Credit Sale and Procedures(514KB)177Chin-Yuan Lin、Wang-Ching Chuang、So-De Shyu
Mar-2012[Marketing Management]The Reappearing Glory of Jiu Zhen Nan(669KB)195Chin-Horng Chan、Nai-Jen Chang
Mar-2012[Organization Management]An Explorative Study on the Questioning Patterns in the Teaching of Case: Detail Dismantling, Perspective Expansion, and Generalization Extension(454KB)245Hsien-Jui Chung
Mar-2012[Strategic management]Rises from the ashes-The progress of bankruptcy and corporation reorganization of Tong Lung(2,876KB)261Calvin S. Weng、Hui-Yun Yu、Shih-Hung Chien
Mar-2012[Information Management]Internal Entrepreneurship at Chi Lin Technology Co., Ltd.-Digital Signage(948KB)289Fen-Hui Lin、Chung-Yu Yeh
Mar-2012[Accounting]Audit Report and Infodisc(595KB)309Ling-Tai Lynette Chou、Wen-Ching Chang、Chien-Heng Jennifer Chang
Mar-2012[Strategic management]Being Expansion or Conservation? The Development Strategy of Hoolyy Enterprise in Mainland China’s Food Service Chain Stores(1,512KB)327Yueh-Chin Chen、Chang-Yung Kung、Jian-Shen Chen、Tieh-Chun Chang
Mar-2012[Organization Management]Organizational Culture’s Succession and Refinement in China Steel Corporation(900KB)347Nai-Wen Chi、Jin-Feng Uen
Mar-2012[Organization Management]A Grand Hospital in a Small Village: Reforming Strategy of the Hospital Located in a Small Village(660KB)363Min-Chi Chang、Ron-Chuen Yeh
Mar-2012[Organization Management]Customer Relationship and Knowledge Safety – Knowledge Management Plan of Advanced Connectek Inc.(978KB)381Ting-Ling Lin、Mei-Chen Hsieh、Chih-Lun Huang
Mar-2012[Strategic management]Dream of Rinascimento: The entrepreneurship of a small coffee shop(1,085KB)403Chih-Yen Tai、Pei-How Huang、Tsuang Kuo
Jun-2012[Information Management]The Effect of Online Word-of-Mouth on Consumer’s Purchase Intention: A Laboratory Experiments Conducted on Online Forum(2,130KB)441Mei-Ju Chen、Ching-Yu Tasi、Kai Sung、Cheng-Kiang Farn
Jun-2012[Information Management]Change or not Change? To Interpret the Process and Result of an Organizational Change through the Lens of Opposing Structuration: a Case of Implementation of Information Systems(1,087KB)477Yung-Chih Liou
Jun-2012[Financial Management]Accounting Restatements and Cost of Equity Capital(595KB)533Tzong-Huei Lin、Yu-Chuan Chou、Wu-Chun Chi
Jun-2012[Economic]The Information Content of Pre-IPO Earnings Management(580KB)569Chen-Chien Hung
Jun-2012[Marketing Management]The Determinants of Consumer Intentions to Use Mobile Services: Cross-Service and Cross-User Comparisons(651KB)603Ai-Hwa Chang、Cheng-Chieh Hsiao
Jun-2012[Marketing Management]The Moderating Effects of Internal Marketing and External Marketing upon the Relationship between Interactive Marketing and Customer Satisfaction: A Multi-level Model(700KB)637Ming-Chang Huang、Ping-Ping Lee
Jun-2012[Other]The Relationship between Family Control and Corporate Social Performance(659KB)673Chiung-Yao Huang、Shyh-Rong Fang、Yu-Cheng Chen
Sep-2012[Strategic management]The Dual Role of Culture Distance and the Moderating Effect of Institutional Environment in Host Countries(643KB)731Yi-Chieh Chang, Ming-Sung Kao, Chih-Fang Chiu
Sep-2012[Organization Management]The Competitive Advantage of Large Sized Business Groups’ Affiliates: The Influence of Resources, Control, and Internal Markets(563KB)775Chien-Nan Chen, Wenyi Chu
Sep-2012[Technology Management]An Evaluation Framework for Information Quality of Science and Technology Policy(941KB)811Pin-Yu Chu, Si-Kai Kao
Sep-2012[Financial Management]Corporate Governance, Firm Performance, and Investment Strategy(476KB)851Lan-Feng Kao, Cheng-Shou Lu, Kuan-Chih Huang, An-Lin Chen
Sep-2012[Accounting]Audit Partner Tenure and Perceived Audit Quality-Perception from Stock Market Investors(3,193KB)881Jan-Zan Lee, Hsin-Chi Chen
Sep-2012[Financial Management]Whether Enterprise Life Cycle can Interpret the Sensitivity of Investment and Cash Flow?(3,047KB)909Chia-Chung Chan, Yueh-Yu Hsu
Sep-2012[Marketing Management]A Research of Internal Evaluation Mechanism of Price Information(656KB)945Chung-Hui Tseng
Dec-2012[Technology Management]Using Fuzzy Evaluation and Screening of Managers of the Intellectual Property Rights Speciality in Taiwan(345KB)1005Ming-Kuen Wang,Kevin P. Hwang
Dec-2012[Accounting]The Construct and Questionnaire Development of the Gatekeeping Mechanism inside the Project Team(791KB)1045Wei-Hsin Hsiang, Se-Hwa Wu, Yi-Wen Chen
Dec-2012[Strategic management]The Influence of Alliance Learning on Organizational Innovational Capability-Examining the Moderating Effects of Interorganizational Symmetrical Relationship and Absorptive Capacity(559KB)1105Shyh-Rong Fang, Ku-Ho Lin, Chueh-Chu Ou, Chia-Hui Chou
Dec-2012[Other]The Study of Leisure Farm Competitiveness in Yilan Area under the Creative Life Industries(600KB)1143Feng-Jenq Lin,Fang-Yu Lin
Dec-2012[Financial Management]The Impact of Consolidation on the Cost of Equity Capital for Financial Institutions(635KB)1177Yi-Hsun Lai, Wen-Chung Lin, Pei-Chun Lee
Dec-2012[Financial Management]Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance, and Cash Dividend Policy(1,161KB)1213Ying-Fen Lin Li-Jin Huang Szu-Yuan Chen