Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2010[Other]Review and Prospection of Qualitative Research in the Area of Management in Taiwan(798KB)11Yu-Shu Peng、I-Chung Liang、Chwo-Ming Yu、Chin-Chia Liang
Mar-2010[Organization Management]The Relationships between Autonomy and Performance of Multinational Subsidiaries : An Empirical Study on the Mediating Effects of Entrepreneurship of the Taiwanese Subsidiaries in China(774KB)41Cheng-An Tsai、Ming-Kung Liao
Mar-2010[E-commerce]Performance of the Online Auction Bidding Strategies: A Comparison between English and Vickrey Auctions(2,076KB)67Chu-Hung Lin、Hsin-Hui Lin、Chun-Chieh Yang
Mar-2010[Financial Management]Corporate Ownership Structure and Foreign Ownership(1,495KB)101Mei-Feng Lin、Jia-Wen Liang、Chen-Lung Chin
Mar-2010[Financial Management]The Impacts of Households’ Savings or Borrowings on Financial Satisfaction-Cross National Comparisons(1,309KB)143Min-Hua Kuo、Jenny Hsu
Mar-2010[Financial Management]The Influence of Independent Directors on Effects of Announcing Investment in Mainland China(698KB)177Hsu-Huei Huang
Mar-2010[Financial Management]A Study on Investment Risk of Primary Market-The Perspective from the Volatility of IPO Returns(932KB)211Lanfeng Kao、Cheng-Shou Lu
Mar-2010[Accounting]Human Capital and Knowledge Spillover Effect: Evidence from Taiwan’s CPA Firms(772KB)251Chung-Cheng Yang、Tsung-Yi Tsai、Chung-Jen Fu
Jun-2010[Financial Management]The Influence of the Deviation between Cash Flow and Voting Rights on Earnings Persistence and the Market Reaction to Earnings(647KB)303Chi-Yun Hua、Wen-Hsiang Lin、Tzong-Huei Lin、Yann-Ching Tsai
Jun-2010[Marketing Management]A Study of the Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intension in Financial Services Industry: Analysing the Effect of Product Knowledge(900KB)325Chia-Yi Cheng
Jun-2010[Information Management]Exploring the Impact of Organizational Structure Design and Knowledge Integration on MIS Capability(1,162KB)373Sheng Wu、Kuei-Ing Wang、Pin-Zei Shih
Jun-2010[Accounting]Audit Quality and Restated Financial Statements(798KB)407Yi-Mien Lin、Hui-Ming Lu、Chi-Chun Lu
Jun-2010[Financial Management]Noisy Dividend, Endogenous Public Price Signals and Effects of(818KB)447Ming-Chun Hung、David S. Shyu
Jun-2010[Knowledge Management]Exploring the Impacts of Asymmetrical Barriers between Knowledge Replication and Knowledge Imitation on Sustainable Competitive(935KB)483Ching-Lung Shen、Shu-Fen Liu
Jun-2010[Organization Management]Exploring the Phenomenon of Learning Organization Intervention on the Dynamics of Organizational Learning from the Cross-level Perspective(454KB)527Chao-Hua Li、Jen-Shou Yang、Cheng-Chen (Timothy) Lin
Jun-2010[Financial Management]Does Stock Market Misprice Growth in Long-term Net Operating Assets?(474KB)563Shu-Hua Lee、Po-Sheng Ko、Wei-Lian Fang、Wen-Chih Lee
Sep-2010[Financial Management]Empirical Study of the Relationship between Announcements of(808KB)607Jung-Hua Hung、I-Cheng Li、Li Chang、Yong-Chin Liu
Sep-2010[Marketing Management]Research on Impulse Buying Behavior: Post-Purchase Emotion(1,052KB)647Chi-Cheng Wu、Chih-Jen Wang、Yi-Chun Kuo
Sep-2010[Financial Management]Analysis of Cost and Probability of Bankruptcy when Bankruptcy Cost(1,187KB)685Chih-Hsing Hung、David So-De Hsyu、Shyh-Weir Tzang、Yih Jeng
Sep-2010[Marketing Management]The Effect of Internal/External Relationship Capital on Marketing Capability: Learning Orientation as A Moderator(782KB)727Shyh-Rong Fang、Yan-Chiun Peng、Yong-Sheng Chang、Yi-Chun Hsieh
Sep-2010[Marketing Management]Dream Market with not only Love but Fear-the Effects of Homosexual Advertising(818KB)769Hsuan-Yi Chou、Nai-Hwa Lien
Sep-2010[Organization Management]An Empirical Study of the Impact of Applying Intellectual Capital and Organizational Learning on Innovation Performance for Taiwanese High-Tech Firms(756KB)805Chi-Min Wu、Chang-Ruey Ay、Yuan-Duen Lee
Sep-2010[Organization Management]Firm Size, Business Group Affiliation and Expansion Aggressiveness(695KB)837Tsun-Jui Hsieh、Hsien-Jui Chung、Hsuan Lo
Sep-2010[Other]Dynamic System-oriented Analysis of Kaohsiung’s Water Pollution Governance(2,275KB)863Yi-Ming Tu、Chih-Chang Ko、Jih-Hwa Wu、Hung-Bin Chang
Dec-2010[Organization Management]Transformational Leadership, Uncertainty towards Organizational Change, and Organizational Commitment: Regulatory Focus as a Mediator(785KB)915Hsing-Chau Tseng、Long-Min Kang
Dec-2010[Financial Management]Association among Independent Directors (Supervisors), Corporate Information Transparency and Firm Value(1,101KB)949Chei-Chang Chiou、Ching-Lu Jhuang
Dec-2010[Accounting]The Impact of Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 34 on Financial and Electronic Industries: Evidence from Market Microstructure Perspective(1,021KB)1009Yung-Jang Wang、Chong-Chuo Chang、Lee-Young Cheng
Dec-2010[Financial Management]Corporate Governance and the Payment Decisions of Excess Cash Holdings(455KB)1051Jia-Hui Lin、Mei-Lun Lin、Wen-Hsiu Kuo
Dec-2010[Organization Management]The Relationship Between Employee Affective Traits and Helping Coworker Behavior: The Moderating Role of Job Type(713KB)1089Chien-Cheng Chen、Wan-Hsien Sun
Dec-2010[Human Resources]The Impact of Organizational Safety Climate, Leadership and Personality on Reporters’ Job Performance: The Moderating Effect of Job Autonomy(706KB)1115Cheng-Hui Wang、Tung-Chun Huang
Dec-2010[Marketing Management]The Effects of Satisfaction and Switching Barriers on Customer Retention and Cross-Buying: The Comparisons of Direct Effects and Moderating Effects(706KB)1139Li-Wei Wu、Chung-Yu Wang