Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2015[Other]Robust Design: Turning the Institutional Forces into the Innovations Enablers(767KB)13Hui-Fen Chen
Mar-2015[Other]Competitive Outsmarting: Knowledge Sharing Strategies among Rivals(551KB)57Chen-Chang Tsai, Sandra Huang
Mar-2015[Other]The Logic of Relocation: The Evolving Business Models for Entering Emerging Markets(1,109KB)91Ming-Feng Ho, Bou-Wen Lin
Mar-2015[Other]Restudying the Old Impede Learning the New: Sensemaking Adaptation of Semi-new Innovation(640KB)137Tsai-Hsin Chu
Mar-2015[Other]Unmitigated Partnership: Conflicts Hidden in the Virtual Communication(608KB)185Joyce Y. H. Lee, Niki Panteli
Mar-2015[Other]Summoning Resources from a Deep Sleep: Business Model Innovation underlying ‘Lady First’(813KB)225Su-Hua Ou
Mar-2015[Other]A Case Study of the Shaping and Evolution of ERP Closures(501KB)291Pei-Hung Ju, Eric T. G. Wang
Mar-2015[Other]How Do Taiwanese Biotechnology Companies Leverage Open Innovation to Develop New Drug?(627KB)335Yu-Shan Su, Feng-Shang Wu
Mar-2015[Other]The Intergration of Online and Offline: Service Innovation of E-Commerce in B&Q(913KB)377Chen-Yen Yao
Mar-2015[Other]Dramaturgical Analysis of Hybrid Classrooms: Finding Synergies between Traditional and Digital Learning Context(320KB)411Fong-Ling Fu, Chia-Jen Ting
Mar-2015[Other]Listening to Voice of the Internet Customer: A Comparative Study of Decision-making Behavior in an Online Trading Community(2,761KB)443Wen-Hong Chiu, Sheng-Tsai Liu, Hui-Ru Chi, Chen-Tong Chang
Jun-2015[Financial Management]The Chinese Lunar New Year and Reverse Disposition Effect(567KB)521Hsiao-Peng Fu, Shu-Fan Hsieh
Jun-2015[Financial Management]The Benefits of Firms Holding Bank Shares on Bank Loans: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis(368KB)563Chih-Yung Lin, Yi-Wei Chuang, Wei-Che Tsai, Yu-Xuan Wu
Jun-2015[Undefined]Management Ownership and Dividend Policy: The Role of Managerial Overconfidence(336KB)591Cheng-Shou Lu
Jun-2015[Financial Management]Asymmetric Effects of Investor Attention on Stock Returns in Bull and Bear Markets(319KB)631Tzu-Lun Huang
Sep-2015[Case]An Exemplar of the Food Industry(892KB)681Yi-Wen Fan, Yu-Hsien Fang, Wen-Shiung Lian, Yea-Huey Su
Sep-2015[Case]Smart Care Inc.-- The Challenge of Shaping a Telecare Business Model(1,029KB)705Chien-Nan Chen, Hsiang-Hsun Wu
Sep-2015[Case]The Evolution of RT-Mart in China- The Effects of Enterprise Social Capital(924KB)737Xiao-Long Wu, Syming Hwang
Sep-2015[Case]Man’s Shop- Channel Profitability Analysis(783KB)765Yu-Tsung Yao
Sep-2015[Case]Jimmy S. P. A. Co., Ltd.: To License or Not to License, on the Way to Brand Building?(3,094KB)795Shih-Min Lo, Joseph Che
Sep-2015[Case]Saving Your Face- Validating Effectiveness of Facial Masks(1,377KB)821Su-Houn Liu, Hsiu-Li Liao
Sep-2015[Case]Radish and Meinong Village: A Case of Social Entrepreneurial Process in Taiwan(685KB)847Ming-Rea Kao, Dun-Hou Tsai, Hui-Yin Lin Tsai-Ling Chang, Cheng-Yu Chang
Sep-2015[Case]Chu-Shang Show Chwan Hospital- Innovative Service Model(1,486KB)877Pei-Ju Ting, Yao-Chung Yu
Sep-2015[Case]Expanding Music: Taiwan’s Pop Music Industry and Ian Chen’s Entrepreneurship(756KB)905Dun-Hou Tsai, Meng-Chen Wu
Dec-2015[Financial Management]Real Earning Management, Accounting Earnings Management, and Market Reaction: The Roles of Earnings Forecast and Investors’ Sophistication(1,362KB)955Chia-Ling Chao
Dec-2015[Information Management]Temporal Analysis of Supply Chain Systems Adoption: A Perspective of Temporal Structuring(645KB)1015Shin-Horng Chen
Dec-2015[Strategic management]A Study of Academic Performance of Business School in Taiwan by Top Journals(632KB)1057Hsing-Chen Lee, Ching-Ter Chang
Dec-2015[Accounting]FDI Location Choice, Family Business and Earnings Quality(601KB)1085Yu-Ju Chen, Tsun-Jui Hsieh
Dec-2015[Organization Management]The Impact of Employer Image on Organizational Attractiveness: The Instrumental-Symbolic Framework(556KB)1125Mavis Yi-Ching Chen, Kuo-Lun Chien
Dec-2015[Strategic management]Contagion or Competitive Effect? An Event-Study Approach to Uncover the Impacts of Patent Infringement Litigation Announcement(391KB)1155Yu-Shu Peng, Yu-En Lin, Yi-Chen Yang