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Feb-2022[Special Issue in Memory of Chair Prof. Ting-Peng Liang]Understanding the Drivers of Switching to Internet-Only Bank from the PPM Perspective(1,463KB)3Jacob Chun Cheng, Chao-Min Chiu, Ting-Peng Liang, Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu, Yi-Chen Chen
Feb-2022[Special Issue in Memory of Chair Prof. Ting-Peng Liang]Organizational Adoption of Information Technology: A Meta-Analysis Based on the TOE Model(2,009KB)37Yen-Chun Chou, Guan-Jie Huang, Ting-Peng Liang
Feb-2022[Special Issue in Memory of Chair Prof. Ting-Peng Liang]How Friends’ Friends Influence Online Purchase Intentions: Two Facebook Studies(1,073KB)81Ching-Hui Chang, Jyun-Cheng Wang, David C. Yen, Rung-Tai Wu
Feb-2022[Special Issue in Memory of Chair Prof. Ting-Peng Liang]Value of Fans: Shaping Path of Continuous Interaction in Social Commerce (967KB)125Chia-Lun Lo, Hsiao-Ting Tseng, Shu-Chiung Lin, Tai-Hsiang Shen, Yu-Hsiu Hsu
Feb-2022[Special Issue in Memory of Chair Prof. Ting-Peng Liang]Understanding the Impacts of Appealing Strategies on Online Bidding Intention: A Stimulus-Organism-Response Perspective(766KB)170 Yu-Ting Chang Chien, Hsieh-Hong Huang, Ciou-Ping Syu, Tung-Ching Lin, Wiyata
Feb-2022[Special Issue in Memory of Chair Prof. Ting-Peng Liang]Knowledge Management Strategies Based on Environment -Dependent and Organizational Learning Patterns(1,538KB)203 Chin-Fu Ho, Wei-Hsi Hung,I-Cheng Chang, Jau-Jeng Jou, Wen-Hsiung Wu
Mar-2022[Other]An ADDIE-based Knowledge-Mapping Method for Finding Expert Support to Develop Competency-Based Programs(3,932KB)259Tsang-Hsiang Cheng, Chih-Yi Tseng, Shu‐Fang Ting
Mar-2022[Other]The Research on the Prediction of Enterprise Customer Churn on Voice Services(7,131KB)293San-Yih Hwang, Yen-Chun Lin, Chia-Yu Lai
Mar-2022[Other]Turning Old to Enable New: A Case Study on Knowledge Sharing of Reverse Mentoring for Organizational Innovation(2,241KB)325Teng-Huang Chen, Hui-Fen Chen
Mar-2022[Other]Participation in Online Social Networks for Sensitive Social Issues: An Exploratory Study on the Influence of Spiral of Silence and Social Capital(1,012KB)367Kai Wang, Meng-Hsuan Kan
Jun-2022[Marketing management] Giver-Centric or Recipient-Centric Gifts: The Role of Self-Construal(436KB)421Ming-Yih Yeh, Anisa Larasati
Jun-2022[Marketing management] The Effects of Health Functions Certification on Purchase Intention: The Relational Mediation of Moral and Affective Evaluations (1,419KB)469Chih-Hui Shieh
Jun-2022[Financial Accounting]Does Hedging Really Increase Family Firms’ Value? (1,373KB)515Po-Kai Huang, Yu-Chun Lin, Shu-Ching Chang,
Jun-2022[Financial Accounting]Dynamic Panel Data Analysis of Performance and Market Competitiveness of Taiwanese Non-Life Insurance Industry (804KB)555Guan-Chin Chen
Sep-2022[Marketing management]A Brand Vendor’s Optimal Channel Strategy on the Online Platform under the Existence of Third-Party Sellers(1,902KB)605Cheng-Hsun Hsieh, Ting-Wei Shen, Lu Hsiao
Sep-2022[General management]Winning by Making Fewer Errors? The Effects of Team Familiarity on Errors in Teams(586KB)643Chien-Nan Chen, Wan-Hsien Hu, Chengli Tien
Sep-2022[Financial Accounting]Does Stock Market Volatility Induce Bear Stock Market? (953KB)673Shue-Jen Wu
Sep-2022[Financial Accounting] The Association between Key Audit Matter Disclosures, Audit Quality, and Audit Report Timeliness(741KB)705Yue-Duan Guan, Ya-Nan Shih, Chia-Hsuan Tseng
Dec-2022[Other]Sense Reframing: Sensegiving within a Museum’s Service Design(1,073KB)767Chia-Tai Hsu
Dec-2022[Other]The Evolution of Institutional Logics: Investigating the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Sustainability(1,566KB)809Jing-Jing Weng, Li-Hsiang Yi
Dec-2022[Other]Dancing with Machines: Exploring Collective Agency of Human-Machine Collaborations from an Assemblage Perspective(1,495KB)857Hsin-Hui Chou,Shih-Chieh Fang,Ching-Fang Lee,Fu-Sheng Tsai,Ting-Lan Liu
Dec-2022[Other]Synthesizing Logics: The Process of Translating in Innovation Recontextualization(1,394KB)899實踐大學創意產業博士班