Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2019[Other]Innovation by Precision Targeting: Navigating Media Service Design by means of User Behavior(9,666KB)11Su-Hua Ou
Mar-2019[Other]Invisible Capital: How Founders’ Wives Influence the Core Values Development in Business Families(5,161KB)57Chiung-Wen Tsao, Yu-Chen Wei
Mar-2019[Other]Are Institutional Works Workable? The Anatomy of Agency in the Context of Pre-deinstitutionalization(6,806KB)101Min-Fen Tu
Mar-2019[Other]The Blind Spot of Performance-Related Pay Reform: An Institutional Logic Perspective(4,011KB)139Jingjing Weng, Ying-Che Hsieh
Mar-2019[Other]Crafting as Becoming: Capabilities Cultivation of Job Crafting(4,094KB)179Hui-Fen Chen
Jun-2019[Financial Accounting]Outsourcing or Insourcing: The Case of Container Transport Company(1,714KB)249Yi-Hui Tai
Jun-2019[General management]The Relationship among Energy Conservation, Carbon Emissions Reduction, Business Green Environmental Management Strategy and Firm Performance(1,048KB)279Yu-Lin Chang
Jun-2019[General management]The Effect of Task Attributes, Fitness of Performance Measures on Physicians’ Job Performance(1,130KB)327Cheng-Tsung Lu
Jun-2019[Marketing management]The Impact of Mere Virtual Presence with Product Experience on Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention: The Moderating Effects of Social Transparency and Construal Level(2,867KB)379Ching-Jui Keng, Chien-Hua Pao, Yen-Chi Chu
Jun-2019[General management]The Effect of Webpage Closure on Consumer Regret and Decision-Making Satisfaction(2,273KB)419I-Ling Ling, Chih-Hui Shieh, Kai-Neng Zhou
Sep-2019[Marketing management]New Technological Consumption Behavior: Exploring iPeen Gourmet Application(857KB)473Chih-Ping Chen, Cheng-I Chen
Sep-2019[General management]The Effects of Governance Structures on Corporate Social Responsibility(1,407KB)511Tzu-Kuan Chiu, Chi-Jui Huang
Sep-2019[Financial Accounting]Large Shareholding, Outside Shareholding, Outside Director Tenure, and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese Public Firms(1,819KB)551Wenyi Chu, Tingko Lee, Cheng-Min Chuang, Ying-Hsiu Liao
Sep-2019[Financial Accounting]Family Firm Succession, Political Connection and Performance: Evidence from China(875KB)583Tzu-Ching Weng, Chia-Hsian Tseng, Yu-Hsin Cheng
Sep-2019[Financial Accounting]The Mispricing and Price Reversals of Stock Index Futures in Taiwan(951KB)631Hai-Ching Liu, Ying-Fen Fu
Dec-2019[Case]Far Eastern Medical Foundation—Tax Liability and Charitable Zeal(2,156KB)695Hui-Ling Liu; Jason Kunming Huang
Dec-2019[Case]Whealth Life Science L.L.C.: Capital Budget for Vehicle Lease(1,365KB)729Chien-Hung Hsueh
Dec-2019[Case]We Solutions Technology ─The Optimal Scheduling of FXE Quartz Ring Manufacturing(4,449KB)759Sheng-Hao Tsao; Jiin-Tian Chyou; Yu-Hsi Yuan