Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2001[Financial Management]Determinants of Venture Capital Performance in Taiwan(981KB)11Jeng-Ren Chiou, Wen-Ching Chen, Lan-Feng Kao
Mar-2001[Organization Management]The Impact of Growth Opportunity on Managers’ Stock Holding and The Structure of Board of Director(790KB)37Hsu-Huei Huang, Long-Chi Chen, Joesph C. P. Shieh
Mar-2001[Other]Critical Influencing Factor of Entry Mode of Taiwanese SMEs in Mainland China(945KB)61Wen-Ruey Lee, Wei-Chung Chao, Shiuh-Ming Chen
Mar-2001[Organization Management]The Effects of Resource Dependence and Transaction Cost on Overseas Control Mechanisms – An Empirical Study for Taiwanese Companies and Their Subsidiaries in Mainland China(812KB)87Chyi Jaw
Mar-2001[Production management]The Impact of Environment Factor Uncertainties on Manufacturing Flexibility Capabilities: An Empirical Study in Taiwan Computer Industry(938KB)111Shih-Chia Chang, Neng-Pai Lin
Mar-2001[Organization Management]The Effect of Perceived Justice on Organizational Members’ Behavior: Using Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment as the Factor(953KB)135Ruey-Dang Chang, Han-Sheun Hsu, Feng-Yu Ni
Jun-2001[Organization Management]A study on Innovation Diffusion and Spatial interaction of Firms in the Industrial Zones Firms of Taiwan(849KB)179Jih-Hwa Wu, Heish-Sheng Chen
Jun-2001[Organization Management]The Impacts of AHP and Task Types on Group Decision Making in GSS Environment(819KB)201Hsin-Ginn Hwang, Jen-Hsiung Chang, Hsing-Chiu Li
Jun-2001[Strategic management]The Effects of Goals and Intervention Strategy in Dynamically Complex Environment(952KB)221Jenshou Yang, Shin-Chieh Chuang
Jun-2001[Information Management]Information Revolution and Technology Evolution(1,105KB)245Shih-Chang Hung, Yu-Chuan Hsu
Jun-2001[Organization Management]An Empirical Study on the Governance Mode of Internal Corporate Venture: A Transaction Cost Perspective(1,032KB)271Kuang-Peng Hung, Hsi-An Shih, Pei-Ju Liao
Jun-2001[Accounting]Should CPAs be Allowed to Place Advertisement on Media – An Analytical Investigation(562KB)297Wen-Chih Lee
Sep-2001[Strategic management]Performance Impact of Alliances Management under Uncertainity Condition(1,500KB)335Shung Ming Tang
Sep-2001[Information Management]Personal Information Privacy: Development and Validation of Ethical Self-Efficacy Measure(800KB)373Meng Hsiang Hsu, Feng Yang Kuo, Cathy S. Lin, Tsai Hsin Chu, Chia Ping Yu
Sep-2001[Organization Management]Role Stress, Self-efficacy, Job Satisfaction and Internal Service Quality: An Empirical Test of Their Relationships in The Department Store Context(1,134KB)395Chung-Cheng Chien, Chin-Cheng Weng, Ling-Huey Yang
Sep-2001[Organization Management]Cultural Type, Strength, Balance, and Cluster: Relationships to Managers Work Adjustment(878KB)425Min-Chih Miao
Sep-2001[Economic]Dynamic Relationship among Eleven Interest Rates of Euro Countries – The Comparison of GDH and ADH(835KB)447Chuen-Chung Nieh, Chia-Wen Liu
Sep-2001[Financial Management]Derivatives Usage by Taiwanese Non-financial Firms: A comparative analysis(883KB)471Shoa-Chi Chang, Yi-Ping Huang
Dec-2001[Other]A Study of the Hospital Logistics Service Reqirements for the Medicine Suppliers and Their Relative Importance(908KB)513S.I. Ivan Su、C.W. Richard Chien、Uen-De Lin
Dec-2001[Organization Management]On the Promotion of Accountability and Transparency of Nonprofit Organizations in Taiwan-An Application of the Delphi Method(1,110KB)541Chung-Yuan Hsu
Dec-2001[Strategic management]Comparative Analysis of the Production Strategies between Transnational Recording Companies and Independents in Chinese Language-Based Regional Markets(1,198KB)567Ping Shaw、Chao-Ping Chou
Dec-2001[Strategic management]Rigidity Analysis of Multipoint Competition(1,177KB)595Chun-Ju Wang、Wen Ting Lin、Chwo-Ming Joseph Yu
Dec-2001[Human Resources]Hunan Resource Professionals Competencies for Manufacturing(1,166KB)621Wen-Jeng Lin
Dec-2001[Financial Management]The Influence of Venture Capital to High-Tech Industry for IPOs(1,451KB)655David Shyu、Jui-Ching Huang、Zung-Ming Chen、Yu-Min Wang
Sep-2001[Other]Gender Difference in Persuasibility: The Moderating Role of Product Type and Source Expertise(431KB)3Nai-Hwa Lien
Sep-2001[Other]The Information Transmission between the Stock Market and the Options Market─The Case of IBM(691KB)19Min-Hsien Chiang
Sep-2001[Financial Management]The Stock Market Reactions to the Bank Business Tax Reduction Act in Taiwan: A Multiperiod Event Approach(530KB)49Robert K. Su, Huoshu Peng, Kuei-Hui Cheng
Sep-2001[Accounting]Earnings Management around Initial Public Offerings: Evidence from Taiwan(710KB)71Wann-Cherng Wang
Sep-2001[Organization Management]Executive Compensation, Ownership, and Firm Performance(588KB)95Chung-Jen Fu