Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2017[Financial Accounting]The Determinants and Consequences of Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure(2,841KB)13Shing-Jen Wu, Hui-Yi Liao
Mar-2017[Financial Accounting]Monthly Sales Announcements and Behavioral Bias(1,312KB)63Kuang-Ping Ku
Mar-2017[Financial Accounting]Study on Film Capital Market Failure and Corrective Mechanism(1,203KB)101Tse-Ping Dong, Chih-Feng Liao
Mar-2017[Financial Accounting]The Impact of Corporate Governance on the Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Values(10,579KB)135Roger C. Y. Chen, Jan-Chung Wang, Shih-Wei Hung
Mar-2017[General management]A Multi-level Investigation of the Effects of Social Exchange on Knowledge Sharing and Creativity: An Integrated Framework for Solving the Social Dilemma and Agency Problem(1,515KB)177Liang-Chieh Weng, Hui-Hsing Tung
Mar-2017[General management]Making-do within Adversity: Resource Constraints as a Source of Innovation(1,898KB)219Ruey-Lin Hsiao, Su-Hua Ou, Yen-Kuan Wu
Jun-2017[Financial Accounting]Drug Permit License, Research and Development, and Analyst’s Earnings Forecasts: A Study of Pharmaceutical Firms(1,178KB)291Guang-Zheng Chen, Hsin-Yi Chi
Jun-2017[Financial Accounting]Organizational Ethical Climate as Moderators of the Relationships between Budgetary Slack and its Antecedents(879KB)337Bing-Chyan Chiou
Jun-2017[Financial Accounting]Impacts of Board Political Connection and Client Importance on Fraudulent Financial Reporting(1,399KB)367Jo-Lan Liu, Min-Yu Li
Jun-2017[General management]The Effect of Aesthetic Marketing Training toward Quality Sense – Moderating Variable on Job Involvement(1,169KB)399Chung-Chu Liu, Huan-Yu Lo
Jun-2017[Marketing management]The Relationships among Brand Image, Emotional Brand Attachment, Perceived Quality, Satisfaction, and Post-purchase Behavior: Self-congruence as a Moderator(1,166KB)443Chin-Fa Tsai, Chih-Hui Hsiao
Jun-2017[Information & Operations Management]Examining the Advertising Effects of Product Placement Strategies and Gaming Platforms from the Selective Attention Perspective(1,322KB)489Shu-Lu Hsu, Her-Sen Doong, Chi-Feng Tai, Yung-Cheng Jhan
Sep-2017[Case]The Case on Victory Social Welfare Foundation, how to Innovation on Disadvantage(7,005KB)557Shu-Hsiao Tsen
Sep-2017[Case]Crowdfunding and the Music Industry: the Entrepreneurship Journey of Lin Sheng-xiang(1,884KB)587Hui-Yin Lin
Sep-2017[Case]Tripbaa! Online Travel Agency — Customer-Oriented Travel Tours Design(2,258KB)617Wang, Yao-Ter Owen
Sep-2017[Case]Gudeng Precision — Optimization of Cassette Mold Design(1,913KB)643Ming-Chien Chiu, Eugenia Y. Huang
Sep-2017[Case]Taiwan Taxi Corporation — The Beauty and Sadness of Service Innovation in Internal Market(2,933KB)671Liu-Yi Hung, Chien-Lung Hsu, Sze-Hsun Sylcien Chang
Sep-2017[Case]Formosa Travel Service Ltd. — Let Everyone Makes Money(2,876KB)705Chia-Ling Chang, Tuo-Ming Huang, Chun-Hsi Chen, Lih-Jin Hwang, C. K. Farn
Sep-2017[Case]Sunright Foods Co. — ABC Unveils the Customer-Level Service Cost(2,069KB)731Hui-Ling Liu, Tsui-Lin Kuo
Dec-2017[General management]Dynamics of Choosing Brand and/or OEM Product Business Models(7,040KB)791Chung-Song, Kuo
Dec-2017[Marketing management]Who are the Potential Customers of Social Enterprises? The Research on the Value, Attitude and Lifestyle (VALS)(3,643KB)829Chieh-i Wang, Hsueh-wen Chow
Dec-2017[Financial Accounting]The Role of Board in Adopting a New Accounting Standard: Evidence from the Issuance of Employee Stock Option in FAS 39 Transition Period(2,628KB)875Chao-Jung Chen, Chung-Yuan Hsu, Li-Jen He
Dec-2017[Financial Accounting]The Determinants and Market Reaction of Goodwill Impairment Losses(1,062KB)935Lanfeng Kao, Yu-Chun Chen
Dec-2017[Financial Accounting]CEO Duality, Corporate Governance, and Firm Performance – The Role of External Environment(854KB)967Hui-Wen Tang