Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Sun Yat-Sen Management Review  1998/3

Vol. 6, No.1  p.139-168

The Study on the Determinants of Technology Acquisition Model—The Empirical Analysis of Electronic and Food Industries
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Shu-Jie Fang/

I-Shou Univerdity


近年來,從統治結構的觀點探討科技管理課題的文獻愈來愈多,其中本文所關心的「企業如何兼顧效率與效果以取得所需之技術」,即為一典型的研究問題。根據交易成本理論、策略管理以及技術經濟學,本文歸納出對於企業技術取得模式之決策制訂中的三類重要影響因素,包括技術本身之特性、技術取得之動機以及廠商特質。 本研究依交易成本理論統治結構之論點,區分自行研發、技術合作以及市場交易三項技術取得模式。並且在「市場失靈」與「組織失靈」二觀念之基礎上建立本研究之觀念性的架構。在實證研究方面,為突顯不同產業由於技術特性與競爭環境等之差異,會對企業取得技術模式之決策有不同程度的影響,因此,本研究將以我國電子業與食品業為對象,進行深入的比較研究。

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Recently, a few scholars from the governance structure perspectives investigated an important issue of technology management– How to acquire the technology efficiently and effectively. Base on transaction cost theory, strategic management and techno-economics, we identify the factors which influenced the modes of technology acquisition. These factors are technology characteristics motives and the firm's characteristics. Based on the governance structure arguments, the modes of technology acquisition are in-house R & 0 cooperative R & 0 and market transaction. Furthermore, based on the concepts of"Market failure" and "Organization failure", we built up a conceptual framework for this topic. In empirical study, this research selects electronic and food industries, for the purpose of distinguishing "the different industry may have its unique technology characteristics competitive forces and so on". Through the comparative study, we want to understand deeply how the industrial characters influence the decision-making about modes of technology acquisition of enterprises.

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Technology Acquisition Model, Transaction cost theory, Technology management

Policy and management implications
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