Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Sun Yat-Sen Management Review  1994/12

Vol. 2, No.4  p.95-110

The Fit of corporate Technology Strategy and Government S&T Policy to the Corporate Technology Innovation Performance
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Min-Sun Wuang/

Department of Business Management Fu-Jen University


技術創新為企業建立競爭優勢的關鍵因素之一,政府亦訂有各種政策措施,以提供企業所需之技術協助,以期提升企業從事技術創新之意願與能力。 本研究的目的,即在探討企業技術策略不同時,所需的技術協助類型為何?以及當政府所提供的技術協助,與企業所需者配合程度不同,對企業技術創新績效的影響。 本研究之觀念性架構(如圖I所示)以「桃園地區區域資源整合計劃」為例,針對推動該計劃之相關機構,和參與該計劃活動之廠商,透過人員訪談、郵寄問卷之資料收集方式,獲得下列四項主要之實證結論: 結論一 企業的技術策略不同,所需的技術協助亦不相同。 1-1 採差異化競爭型技術策略的企業,則以資訊(市場需求、產品技術)、人力資源(人才培育)、創新理念以及資金(產品研發)之需求為主。 1-2 採低成本競爭型技術策略的企業,則以人力資源(人員技能訓練)、資金(生產設備投資補助)之需求為主。 結論二 企業之技術協助需求與政府提供之技術協助,配合程度愈高者,其技術創新績效愈高。

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Technology Innovation is one of the key factors of building corporation competitive advantages. The government also has policies to improve the will and ability of corporate technology innovation. The object of the study is to analyze the corporate technology strategy in order to indentify the technology development supporting acctivies needed by the corporate. Moreover, the study will find out the fit between the demand and supply of technology development supporting activities. The conceptual framework of the study is illustrated in figure I. “The resource integration project in TAO-YUAN region” is the example of the study. We gather data from interviewing with and mailing questionaires to institutions and corperations involving in the project. The study’s results support four conclusions: Conclusion 1 Corporations adopting different types of technology strategy require different technology development supporting activities. 1-1 Corporations adopting a differentiation strategy require supporting activities of information (market demand, product technology), human resource, innovation concept and preferential money supply (product R&D). 1-2 Corporations adopting a cost leadership strategy need supporting activities of human resourance (technological training), preferential money supply (investment on equipments). Conclusion 2: Corporations have high technology innovation performance when the degree of fit between the demand and supply of technology dovolopment supporting activities is high.

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Coporate Technology Strategy, Government S&T Policy, Technology Innovation Performance

Policy and management implications
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