Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Sun Yat-Sen Management Review  1996/11

Vol. 4, No.2  p.79-97

The Buying Behavior and Marketing Practices of Fast Food Market in Metro Manila, Philippines
The Buying Behavior and Marketing Practices of Fast Food Market in Metro Manila, Philippines
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Kuang-Jung Chen/School of Business Management-National Open University
Kuang-Jung Chen/

School of Business Management-National Open University


本文將對菲律賓消費者的購買行為和入家遠合業所採用的行銷四P 策略做一辨證和比較。速食業是餐飲業的一文,在大馬尼拉地區已有一萬五千家速食餐廳營運,而其最用的工促銷工具為櫥窗展示、免費外送、收音機及電視和傳單廣告。菲律賓速食業的成功在於標準化的流程、限樣的菜單、和強調價值、速度、服務速度及經銷權。同時遠合在大多數城市的發展非常的成功也改變了大多數人的生活習慣, 但速食公司往郊區發展的意願卻不高,所以菲律賓的速食市埸仍有很有的發展空間。

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The study is concerned in identifying and comparing the different buying behaviors of Filipino consumers and the marketing practices adopted by the eight selected fast food companies in relation with the four P's of marketing. The fast food industry is a sub-sector of the larger restaurant industry. There are 15,000 fast food restaurants operating in Metro Manila. The most common tools adopted by the fast food companies in Philippines are window displays, free delivery, radio and TV advertising, billboard advertising. The success of fast food industry in the Philippines can be attributed to the factors of standardized procedures, limited menu, pacing emphasis on value, speed and efficient service and franchising. And also the fast food has changed the urban lifestyle because it developed well the most in cities but fast food companies are reluctant to develop market in suburbs. That is, the fast food market in Philippine has still room for expansion to who want to invest.

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Buying behavior, perception, four Ps

Policy and management implications
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