Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Sun Yat-Sen Management Review  1996/3

Vol. 4, No.1  p.42-62

Studies on the Technology Strategy of Upstream LED Industry in Taiwan
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Shang-Jyh Liu, Chiung-Sheng Hsu/

Institute of Management of Technology National Chiao Tung University、Optoelectronic Technology Department Industrial Technology Research Institute


產業競爭策略的研究,除了產業環境、市場與成本等各種因素的探討外,必須配合技術資訊的分析。本文以發光二拯体產業上游技術為例,以科技論文與專利為兩大技街資訊來源,量化其企業技街強度,作為技街發展策略之參考依據。同時配合產業環境的分析,得到台灣中、下游產業應進行垂直整合,以及垂直整合時上游產業應採行的技街發展策略。本研究定量解釋各公司技街的強度指標,也定怯地說明各企業技街發展內容,結果顯示Toshiba與HP 在技街上呈現領先的局面。同時針對各材料技街分別定位,其中Ga(As)P 系列屬於成熟期;而(AI)GaAs 系列則屬於成長期; InGaAIP 系列則歸類為導入期。針對台灣產業特性研擬各材料技術的發展策略則分別為: GaP材料的VPE ~晶技術廠商自行開發上游技街的能力不足,可與工研院光電所合作進行; GaP材料的LPEl孟晶技街開發室採用技街引進方式; (AI)GaAs 材料的技術則以自行開發及部份關鍵技術購買方式進行; InGaAIP 材料技街開發則應自行開發,並尋求專利的保護。

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In addition to analyze the industrial environment, marketing and cost factors, it is also crucial to analyze the technology information in order to conduct the strategic planning of a high-tech industry. This paper presents a case study for Light Emitting Diode(LED) industry in Taiwan, in which the databases of patents and scientific papers are employed. It is found that the data of journal articles exerts similar trends with that of patents. Both quantitative and qualitative measures are performed to evaluate the competitive status and development trend of the upstream LED technology. Toshiba and HP are considered to be the technology leaders in terms of the quantity and quality of pertinent patent technology. As for the development of LED material technology, conclusions are made for the development strategy of Taiwan's LED industry. The Ga(As)P epitaxial technology is far more advanced so far as the capability of Taiwanese firms is concerned. It is thus recommended that a R&D consortium or alliances be established with the Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) for technology acquisition. The Ga(As)P using Liquid Phase Epitaxy(LPE) may consider the outsourcing technology from foreign firms. The (Al)GaAs epitaxial technology may be fully developed in-house or partially transferred from Japanese or American firms. The InGaAlP is highly recommended for in-house development and patent protection.

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Patent Analysis, Technology Strategy, LED, Taiwan

Policy and management implications
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