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Sun Yat-Sen Management Review  2004/12

Vol. 12, No.5  p.79-

Success Factors of Innovation Networks: A German Case Study
Success Factors of Innovation Networks: A German Case Study
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Andreas H. Levermann、Stefan W. Kohn/Fraunhofer Technologie Entwicklungsgruppe Germany
Andreas H. Levermann、Stefan W. Kohn/


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Improvement of the innovation infrastructure for SMEs is one of the main political and economical targets in many countries today. A prominent role is played by innovation networks of various kinds and structures and it is important to understand the crucial success factors of such a network in order to improve existing clusters or to set up new, more efficient systems. In this paper we present our research based on a case study approach on the largest German innovation network, in which we take part ourselves. The network consists of more than 30 partners having provided services for SMEs for over 6 years and covering all aspects of innovation management. Data from several 100 projects and a customer satisfaction survey have been analysed and show main demands and objectives from SMEs as well as their preferred way of co-operation with external partners. On the other hand, important aspects in delivering high class customeroriented services are derived from the data and are interpreted, like securing quick response, high quality, real partnering and still a “all-from-one-hand” project for the customer. Since the analysed innovation network is a very successful network, it can be regarded as a good example for others. This paper will help innovation service networks to set themselves up or improve themselves towards a more successful, customer-oriented alliance by having a better understanding of the crucial factors of efficient and reliable collaborations and helping governmental bodies to take the right approach in supporting these networks and their cooperations with industry. Also from this study, it can be stated that there is a clear demand in industry for comprehensive innovation management providers and that networks combining different partners and different know-how are regarded as suitable and useful partners.

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Policy and management implications
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