Sun Yat-Sen Management Review

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Mar-2018[Undefined]Between Philosophy and Entrepreneurship: From Concept Creation to Reality Creation through Entrepreneuring Learning(2,754KB)11Yu-Chung Liu, Chih-Yu Lee
Mar-2018[Undefined]Entrepreneurship Practice Education and Foucault’s Ethical Subject Theory(1,019KB)35Shi-Chi Yang, Meng-Chen Wu
Mar-2018[Undefined]Subjective Intervention through Alternating Listening and Interpretation: Explaining Entrepreneurship through Case Studies Involving Old Buildings(3,459KB)55Shih-Chian Hung, Ching-Fang Lee
Mar-2018[Undefined]Pokemon Go Player’s Experiences as An Entrepreneuring Process: A Hermeneutic Phenomenology Approach(1,071KB)85Wei-Ding Tsai, Chih-Yuan Wang
Jun-2018[Marketing management]Do Love Moods Influence Consumers’ Minds and Behaviors?(1,856KB)135Chih-Hui Hsiao, Chin-Fa Tsai, Chien-Huan Tseng
Jun-2018[Marketing management]Love Me, Love My Dog? The Influence of Brand Attachment on Brand Extension Evaluation(2,195KB)173Chia-Ying Li, Yu-Hua Wang
Jun-2018[General management]Exploring the Negative Experience of Mentoring Programs among New Nurses()211Ching-Yuan Huang, Tsung-Chin Wu, Rhay-Hung Weng, Yu-Chen Tsai
Jun-2018[Information and Technology Management]Hybridizing MCDM with Resource-based View toward Resource Planning in Mobile Telecommunications(1,645KB)239Wei-Chien Chou, Sheng-Tun Li
Jun-2018[Financial Accounting]Financial Reporting Quality Investigation: Evidence from Foreign Companies vs. Domestic Companies(1,660KB)277Teng-Shih Wang, Shaio-Yan Huang, Fengyi Lin, Shen-Ho Chang
Jun-2018[Information and Technology Management]The Mix of Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies: A Research Exploration Based on Complexity Science(1,169KB)331Shih-Chang Hung; Yung-Ching Tseng; Jiun-Yan Lai
Sep-2018[Other]Key Success Factors in Social Enterprise Business Models(1,046KB)381Long-Hui Chen, Chao-Yi Hsueh, Zi-Ming Huang
Sep-2018[Other]An Exploratory Study on the Effects of a Gamification-based Design Mechanism and Model on Learning Outcomes in a High School Context(1,642KB)415Pei-Chun Yeh, Chien-Liang Kuo
Sep-2018[Other]The Influence of Experiential Elements on Brand Loyalty from the Theory of Theater(930KB)453Yie-Fang Kao, Shang-Chia Liu, Pei-Lin Tang
Sep-2018[Information and Technology Management]Self-disclosure Behaviors in Social Commerce Websites: An Empirical Validation of Fashion Guide(889KB)479Chia-Ying Li, Wan-Ju Tai
Sep-2018[Financial Accounting]Substitution between Economic Cost Management and Real Earnings Management: Taiwan Banking Industry(1,011KB)511Chun-Ying Chen, Chun-An Li